Improve Your Brewster, Ohio, Home’s Energy Efficiency by Calling Hey Neighbor Heating and Cooling

by Fiona Vernon

The past few years have been difficult, with the pandemic dictating much of the world’s behavior. People are more concerned about the quality of the air they are breathing, not realizing that the air they are breathing inside their homes can be just as bad as walking through a city. Families from Hartville, Ohio, to Brewster, Ohio, who have been staying indoors more may have noticed excess dust in the air or that they are suffering from increased allergy symptoms may need to improve their indoor air quality. This can be a great New Year’s Resolutions when someone wants to assess how their daily habits affect their quality of life. Hey Neighbor not only provides affordable furnace maintenance, installation, and 24-hour emergency services, but they also help keep you healthier with air purifiers. This reputable heating company can help those who set their New Year’s Resolution to improve their home’s energy efficiency with consistent maintenance and smart thermostat installation. Whether someone in Navarre, Ohio, has a Trane furnace or another in East Canton, Ohio, has a Rheel, Hey Neighbor services nearly all brands. They even offer financing options. Call 330.875.9300 today to get on the schedule!

Resolutions typically focus on the improvement of one or more aspects of life. One of the best things that anyone from Brewster to Navarre can do for their environment, their wallet, and their family is to have their furnace and AC systems inspected annually. Hey Neighbor provides affordable seasonal maintenance that identifies small problems instead of allowing them to turn to large issues if left undetected. They can also help improve a home’s indoor air quality. Families may be breathing air that has run through the filter several times a day, causing allergy symptoms, like congestion, headaches, and eye irritation. This reputable heating company has high quality air purifiers with the latest technology to kill pathogens and irritants they floating around. To improve the lifespan of a furnace, as well as keep air clean, is to change the air filter on a regular basis. Manufacturers’ suggestions differ; however, it’s safe to bet that at least every three months, with the exception of those who have pets, smoke, or have respiratory conditions. In those circumstances, the filter should be changed at least once a month to prevent excess dust in the air.

The majority of resolutions that people make as they enter the new year involve health and finances. Some want to improve their level of self-care and others want to help the world around them. Hey Neighbor can help improve a home’s energy efficiency with a few simple habits that don’t take long to set up. One of the actions that residents from East Canton to Hartville can take is to have this reputable heating company install a smart thermostat that allows them to program the temperature for a consistent schedule. Some of the more elaborate ones can even learn and adjust to a family’s lifestyle. Individuals can start the year with these simple habits and have the best bonus of all … not breaking their resolutions! Every homeowner who wants a heating company with financing options and affordable repair, maintenance, and 24-hour emergency services turn to Hey Neighbor.

Sticking to New Year’s Resolutions doesn’t have to be difficult when people plan to implement tasks that only take a short amount of time every few months. Whether someone in Navarre, Ohio, wants an air purifier that will improve their indoor air quality and remove excess dust in the air or another in Hartville, Ohio, plan on improving their home’s energy efficiency with smart thermostat installation, Hey Neighbor has spent 30 years satisfying clients with affordable maintenance, repair, and 24-hour emergency services. They are a reputable heating company with financing options on their installation for everything from a Trane or Heil to GE and Honeywell. Many homeowners from East Canton, Ohio, to Brewster, Ohio, have learned to make Hey Neighbor their go-to HVAC company.

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