Homeowners in Lake County, Ohio, can Rely On Design Build Firm Lost Pond Construction for a Master Bathroom Remodel

By Fiona Vernon

Many homeowners who are looking to upgrade their homes, have either just moved into a new home and would like it to more closely resemble their tastes or they have lived in their house for years and find themselves desiring a new appearance. Whether someone in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, wants to increase the value of their home or an individual in Auburn Township, Ohio, simply would like to beautify the space in which they spend a significant amount of their time, Lost Pond Construction can provide a remodeling consultation for a master bathroom remodel. The reputable home remodeling contractors at this design build firm offer a vast array of bathroom remodeling options to homeowners from South Russell, Ohio, to Novelty, Ohio, with their 3D design software, allowing anyone can see their ideas in creating their dream home right where they live come to reality.


Individuals from Auburn Township to Novelty start and end each day in their bathroom, so it’s no wonder that calling Lost Pond Construction to invest in a master bathroom remodel will increase the value of one’s home. Whether a homeowner in Chagrin Falls has lived in their house for a number of years or they have just moved in, it’s beneficial to write down even the smallest of details that one would like to change in their master bath — from getting rid of that 80s brass towel rack to replacing the countertops with marble or granite. Master bathrooms aren’t just utilitarian anymore, and when beautifying one, the end result needs to function well, have ample storage space, and create a relaxing atmosphere. People like to feel stress-free and like they are in a spa, so upscale granite counters and wall mounted lighting add value and warmth to one’s space. Heated floors and towel warmers add a nice touch that will also create a spa-like atmosphere, as well as attract buyers.

One of the biggest trends that Lost Pond Construction has been seeing from their clients in South Russell and beyond is the removal of big jacuzzi tubs and the installation of deluxe walk-in showers. People can feel like they are royalty when they have this reputable home remodeling contractor install a large shower with body sprays and stone surround tile. Multiple showerheads and a fully-enclosed steam shower can simultaneously live up to its intended purpose of relaxation and melt away one’s stress. Curbless, or no-threshold, showers are gaining popularity for modern aesthetics, as well as for practical reasons. They are easier to clean, make a bathroom look bigger, and help homeowners stay in their homes as they age. This design build firm will schedule a remodeling consultation so that they can combine their vast experience with their client’s preferences, creating a comprehensive plan with their 3D design software. They can plug in a wide selection of vanities, light fixtures, and faucets to create a homeowner’s dream bathroom. They have evolved their designing throughout the years, perfecting their process, so that the final estimate is the result of knowing exactly where each screw will be placed and how much grout will be required for the completed project.

Whether a homeowner from Chagrin Falls, Ohio, wants to create a luxurious spa experience for themselves every day or an individual in South Russell, Ohio, wants to increase the value of their home, calling Lost Pond Construction for a bathroom remodel can be the beginning of creating one’s dream home right where they already live. This design build firm uses their 3D design software to duplicate the exact preferences of each client. Anyone from Auburn Township, Ohio, to Novelty, Ohio, can call this reputable home remodeling contractor for a master bathroom remodeling consultation that will create a relaxing and comfortable ambiance!

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