Kames Sports Helps Anglers in Akron, Ohio, Prepare for Fishing Season with Kayaks, Rods, Reels, and Lures

By Fiona Vernon

Spring is officially days away, and any angler who is battling cabin fever may be diving into their fishing gear to take inventory and see what equipment they need to ensure a fun and successful fishing season. Whether someone in Medina, Ohio, needs a new fishing rod and reel for the adventures in their favorite fishing spot or another from Akron, Ohio, would like to upgrade his tackle boxes and fishing lures, Kames Sports features a vast array of products that are perfect for every need and budget. This local sporting goods store excels at offering a wide selection that will satisfy even the pickiest of customers — including Abu Garcia, Quantum, and Fenwick fishing rods, Shimano and Pflueger reels, and fishing bait. They can help anyone from New Philadelphia, Ohio, to Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, prepare for fishing season with fishing kayaks that offer reliable stability and comfort, while allowing greater access to remote areas with their maneuverability. Recreational and expert anglers alike can rely on Kames Sports to complete their entire fishing repertoire.

Kames Sports’ fishing department features everything that can ensure a perfect day catching trout and catfish in someone’s favorite lake or stream or walleye and bass from Lake Erie. Anglers from Cuyahoga Falls to New Philadelphia can visit this local sporting goods store to customize their fishing equipment to their desires, like a Fenwick fishing rod with a Shimano reel. Maybe someone wants to upgrade to the classic Fenwick Eagle 8” UI Spinning Rod that is proven to be effective for all fish species and is based on 60 years of experience and field testing. This combination of traditional and modern design can be combined with the dependable Shimano Cardiff Round Baitcasting Reel that boasts five silky-smooth A-RB bearings, a lightweight diecast one-piece aluminum frame, anti-reverse, and braking systems. Kames Sports also carries a wide variety of other fishing gear, such as Quantum and Abu Garcia fishing rods and Pflueger reels. Anyone who visits them online or on location can find the top brands of fishing bait and lures that will assist in reeling in the best catch.

An angler in Akron may have decided last year that she was going to start taking inventory of her fishing gear early and be impressively prepared for opening day of fishing season. She wouldn’t mind an upgraded tackle box and fishing rod and reel; however, she really wanted to invest in an exciting new fishing kayak so that she could get into quiet waters she couldn’t previously reach. Kames Sports carries a variety of kayaks that can satisfy adventure sports, as well as fishing. The Perception Pescador Pro 10.0 Fishing Kayak comes in a variety of colors and leads the pack with superior fishing performance, stability, and comfort. Its sit-on-top design offers ample storage and accessory options that make it easy to outfit for all-day excursions. It is lightweight, features a comfortable, adjustable, and removable camp chair, and is designed for optimum durability. The Perception Pescador Pilot 12.0 Kayak boasts all the comfortable amenities but with a propeller system. Fishing kayaks feature a shorter length and lighter weight to increase maneuverability and ease of transport, as well as a fast and efficient hull track that stays on course with little effort. Anyone in Medina and beyond can find a wide selection of products from which to choose at Kames Sports.

Fishing for anyone from New Philadelphia, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, isn’t simply an act of catching one’s dinner, it’s a passion that creates a calming effect for those that enjoy the peace of a summer’s day and bonding with friends. Fishing is also a competitive lifestyle for numerous individuals, being the fourth most popular sport in America and outnumbering all the golf and tennis players combined. Kames Sports knows that the fishing rods and reels, lures, bait, and line make all the difference, so they carry a vast array of fishing equipment that will fit any fisherman’s specific habits and sport, from ice fishing to land or boat fishing. This local sporting goods store offers all the necessary fishing gear to make any fisherman’s season enjoyable — from tackle boxes and fishing kayaks to Abu Garcia, Fenwick, and Quantum fishing rods and Shimano and Pflueger reels. Recreational or competitive anglers from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, to Medina, Ohio, can visit Kames Sports for superior products and advice to prepare for fishing season!
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