Homeowners in Cleveland, Ohio, can Call K&K Heating & Cooling for Full Home Automation & Furnace Repair

By Fiona Vernon

Old Man Winter has gotten all cozy from Parma Heights, Ohio, to Seven Hills, Ohio, and no one is sure when he is going to end his visit. Residents of Cleveland, Ohio, have been adjusting their thermostats for months now with the drastic fluctuations in temperature, which is nothing new to the region. Everyone has heard the story or known the person whose furnace died on the coldest day of the year; however, this usually happens to those who may not have understood the importance of furnace maintenance and neglected their annual inspection or didn’t change their filters. Years ago, the first thing that people would do is check to see if the pilot light was out, but modern furnaces have an electronic ignition that the average homeowner should leave to the professionals at K&K Heating & Cooling. They offer affordable furnace repair and free furnace installation estimates if anyone in and around Brooklyn Heights, Ohio, finds themselves without heat and replacement is the best option. This local heating company also can help any individual looking to save on utility bills and add to their convenience with a smart home thermostat and even full home automation. The wide range of services that K&K Heating & Cooling can provide is only a phone call away!

Many people who own homes today grew up in the era when furnaces were started with pilot lights. Even the kids knew to listen for the clicking and the whoosh. If it didn’t engage, the pilot needed relit, and the flame could be extinguished by something as simple as a windy day. In the 1980s and 1990s, furnaces with electronic ignitions became standard, but many people call K&K Heating & Cooling using the terminology that their pilot light is out. Anyone from Parma Heights to Brooklyn Heights finding that they are need of affordable furnace repair can rely on the expertise from K&K Heating & Cooling, since they service all major brands of HVAC systems with a diagnosis based on a complete analysis of the entire system. This local heating company strives for same-day repairs unless the necessary part is not immediately available; additionally, most repairs have a one-year parts and labor warranty attached to them. While they offer free estimates on affordable furnace installation, each customer can be sure they will not be pressured for sales or repairs. They are simply given thorough information so that they can make an informed decision on what they determine to be the best resolution to their situation.

K&K Heating & Cooling can help any home obtain reassuring comfort, from saving on utility bills to full home automation. The professionally-trained, NATE-certified technicians truly believe in the importance of furnace maintenance, since it is proven to help homeowners in Seven Hills and all throughout Cleveland lower their average annual repair cost, while increasing their furnace’s efficiency and life expectancy. They offer 24/7 emergency service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With home comfort in mind and advancements in technology, this local heating company carries a wide selection of options that can set up any home to be controlled from the owner’s phone, tablet, or computer. K&K Heating & Cooling starts with a WiFi-capable smart home thermostat and has packages that their clients can customize to run their home remotely — from turning lights on and changing the thermostat setting to having a bathroom sunlamp come on five minutes before the alarm goes off and engaging the security system.

Snow makes people want to remain in the warmth of their homes, and with the average temperature in Cleveland, Ohio, being only 28 degrees in December 2017, it’s no wonder that furnaces are being pushed to their limits. Anyone from Seven Hills, Ohio, to Brooklyn Heights, Ohio, can feel safer knowing that K&K Heating & Cooling is only a phone call away with their 24/7 emergency response. Whether someone is interested in an inspection because they know the importance of furnace maintenance, they believe their pilot light is out, or they would like to inquire about full home automation, this local heating company provides solutions to keep their customers comfortable and content. They not only offer affordable furnace repair, but also free furnace estimates and affordable installation with options and financing that can fit any budget. They also offer their clients a wide selection of smart home thermostats and automation packages to allow control of their home from their phone. Anyone in Parma Heights, Ohio, and beyond can call K&K Heating & Cooling to help them save on their utility bills and keep them cozy!

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