Anyone Looking to Age in Place in Northeast Ohio Can Call Access Solutions, Inc. for Affordable Access Ramps

By Fiona Vernon

According to AARP, approximately 23 million Americans are caring for their elderly parents, and that number will only increase as baby boomers enter their golden years. The majority of people who are becoming seniors would prefer to stay in their comfortable surroundings, and their ad ult children do their best to prevent their parents from having to enter an assisted living facility. No one should ever have to consider leaving the comfort of their own home when moving about the house becomes difficult, and Access Solutions, Inc. offers a wide selection of home mobility solutions so that anyone from Cleveland, Ohio, to Massillon, Ohio, can age in place. When searching for an alternative to climbing stairs, they offer affordable stairlift installation, as well as incline and vertical platform lifts. They also carry a vast array of indoor, outdoor, portable, and permanent access ramps. Individuals throughout Stow, Ohio, and all Northeast Ohio looking for barrier-free living can trust local and veteran-owned Access Solutions, Inc. to maintain their independence.

As individuals feel the negative effects of the aging process, they may find it increasingly difficult to climb the stairs to the second floor or even take the short flight of stairs up the front porch. Access Solutions, Inc. offers affordable indoor and outdoor stairlift installation so that people from Stow to Massillon do not have to lose their independence. They will consult with each client to determine the best home mobility solution to suit their lifestyle and budget, customizing each one to any length of straight or curved set of steps. This alternative to climbing stairs does not require dramatic structural changes to any home and puts every floor back into one’s comfort zone. Most of the stairlifts are battery operated to avoid issues during a power outage, and they feature various amenities — including swivel seats, wireless remotes, automatic chargers, and more.

Whether an adult child is trying to prevent their parents from entering an assisted living facility in Cleveland, or a widower is looking to age in place, anyone in Northeast Ohio will find a multitude of products when they consult with Access Solutions, Inc. Their vertical platform lifts are ideal for overcoming a few steps to enter a home through the garage or even to access several floors, while taking up a minimal footprint. Models range from standard outdoor units, to portable, self-enclosed, or hoistway models that will accommodate most circumstances. Access Solutions, Inc. also carries one of the most common home mobility solutions for barrier-free living with their wide selection of access ramps. They are generally low to no maintenance and can blend into any home’s surroundings when properly built. Modular ramps are good as a temporary solution in rented locations, and portable ramps are typically most effective for a lower rise height up to eight inches, offering people the ability to move it after each use. Access Solutions, Inc. has numerous options that can accommodate a variety of needs.

Access Solutions, Inc. offers more than 50 years combined experience in the home mobility solutions industry. Visiting their showroom is only a short drive for anyone from Stow, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, so that they can determine which product may best assist them in meeting their goal of barrier-free living. Homeowners in Massillon, Ohio, whose objective is to age in place will find affordable stairlift installation as an alternative to climbing stairs the perfect solution, whereas the adults in Northeast Ohio attempting to prevent their parents from entering assisted living may find the access ramps and vertical platform lifts more suitable. Access Solutions, Inc. has often been complimented on their attention to detail, prompt service, flexibility while working with each family member, and their knowledgeable and compassionate staff.

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