Homeowners in Akron, Ohio, Can Save Up To $1,000 at Barrington Carpet’s Shaw & Karastan Floors Sales Events

By Fiona Vernon

Homeowners from North Canton, Ohio, to Tallmadge, Ohio, are migrating indoors with the temperatures outside gradually dropping. As people are sitting on their couches, they are noticing all the alterations that they would love to make to their homes. Maybe all those stains on the old, dilapidated carpet have become too much for them to bear at this point, and they would like to find waterproof and stain-resistant carpet to avoid those issues in the future. There is no better time to install beautiful new flooring with the carpet sales events that are happening at Barrington Carpet & Flooring Design. When someone from Akron, Ohio, To Fairlawn, Ohio, decides to take advantage of the Shaw Floors and Karastan carpet sales events, they will find low carpet prices, as well as financing and affordable carpet installation. Anyone can visit this local carpet retailer’s flooring showroom to consult with the experienced and knowledgeable staff on which flooring option would best suit their lifestyle and personality.

Barrington Carpet & Flooring Design knows that today’s families are on tight schedules and budgets, so anyone who visits will feel comfortable with the sales staff that is constantly updated on the latest trends, product breakthroughs, and technologies. One of these amazing technologies is Shaw Floors’ LifeGuard waterproof and stain-resistant carpet that can be found at one of the lowest carpet prices of the year at the Friends and Family Sales Event through November 11th, 2017, at Barrington Carpet. Anyone from Tallmadge to Fairlawn who visits this local flooring showroom and picks out a stunning new carpet can save up to $1,000, as well as receive 24-months special financing on select Shaw Floors. LifeGuard carpet possesses a waterproof backing that keeps 100% of all spills contained for complete clean-up. There is no parent of a pet or child that thinks it is possible to install new carpet while either are still young, but this innovative waterproof carpet will change anyone’s mind with the engineering that is made with R2X stain and soil resistance. R2X is a new generation in carpet technology that goes beyond conventional repellants that only protect the surface. R2X protects the yarn from the top to the bottom, even after repeated cleanings. Taking advantage of the affordable carpet installation on LifeGuard carpet can change the anxiety most homeowners have concerning their home’s cleanliness.

Barrington Carpet & Flooring Designs also has a remarkable carpet sales event to celebrate Karastan Month until November 7th, where customers can receive up to $1,000 back, whether the preferred décor is high-style, trend-conscious, or family living. Homeowners from Akron to North Canton will find affordable carpet installation and special financing on the stain-resistant SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet by Karastan, offering a superior level of beauty, comfort, and performance. This is a fantastic carpet for families with kids or pets, with its Nanoloc™ spill protection technology that won’t wash or wear off. It is not only durable, but also soft enough to allow one to walk in luxurious softness. All Shaw and Karastan floors and carpet can be found for impressively low prices at the carpet sales events at this local carpet retailer.

With fall here and winter quickly approaching, families from Fairlawn, Ohio, to North Canton, Ohio, are spending more time indoors. It is the perfect time to call Barrington Carpet & Flooring Design for affordable carpet installation on waterproof and stain-resistant carpet. Taking advantage of the carpet sales events for the low carpet prices and financing on select Shaw and Karastan Floors will allow anyone the freedom to play with their children or pets and live worry-free about normal every day accidents. Anyone from Akron, Ohio, to Tallmadge, Ohio, can trust the 30 years’ experience and the highest standards of this local carpet retailer when visiting their flooring showroom to contemplate which of the beautiful choices will adorn their home in the near future.

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