Homeowners in Wooster, Ohio, Can Call Lehman Awning Company for Extra Winter Storage with Porch Roll Curtains

By Fiona Vernon

The temperatures are continuing to decline, and the anticipation of the first snow is on the horizon. Individuals from Wooster, Ohio, to New Philadelphia, Ohio, have been enjoying temperate fall weather after the hot, humid days of summer, with their thoughts only now turning to getting their home ready for winter. As they wash and start to put their patio furniture away, they realize that they can avoid taking everything down to the basement if they could convert their back porch to a place for extra winter storage. Lehman Awning Company can add porch roll curtains to a wide variety of porches and patios, with custom-fit corners and sides that fasten tightly to protect one’s belongings from inclement weather. As Lehman Awning Company is removing and storing residential awnings that can be damaged by wind and the weight of snow, they suggest that the winter months are the perfect time to recover awning frames. They have specialized in awning fabrication and installation for over 77 years from North Canton, Ohio, to Massillon, Ohio, and can take the time over the winter to replace worn awnings and update the look of one’s home with a new design. Their versatility also allows them to customize truck tarps for over-the-road drivers to protect their loads from harsh winter storms, while also excelling at truck tarp repair, replacement, and accessories. They are the only place that anyone needs to call for winter protection.

As homeowners from North Canton to New Philadelphia start to get their home ready for winter, they realize that the cheap retail store covering on their patio furniture hasn’t provided much protection over the years and the steel frames are showing their first signs of deterioration. They have the grand idea to call Lehman Awning Company to inquire about the possibility of porch roll curtains for extra winter storage, since their porch isn’t heated and is useless throughout the winter months anyway. It would be a great place to also store the grill and the kid’s bikes; additionally, Lehman’s awning fabrication and installation can create custom covers for items such as patio furniture and tables, grill, air conditioners, four wheelers, golf carts, and so much more. As they are taking down and storing residential awnings, they are also noticing that many of their customer’s awnings would benefit from some updating. Dreary winter months are a great time to employ the services of Lehman’s with new ideas and designs to recover one’s awning frames. When spring arrives, and the new awnings are installed, it will be like a whole new home.

Winter is an essential time for many people from Massillon to Wooster to prepare for winter, and that also includes truck drivers who depend upon delivering loads in good condition and on time for their livelihood. Lehman Awning Company supplies custom truck tarps, as well as truck tarp repair, replacement, and accessories to ensure that each load is secure and back-up straps are on hand in the event that one may snap. Their truck tarp experts can create a tarp for any industrial rig or commercial vehicle — including steel tarps, roll tarps, oil rig tarps, asphalt tarps, custom curtains, side kit tarps, lumber tarps, and so much more. They also keep a wide selection of tarps in stock so that they are immediately available for emergencies, from 16’ x 20’ double reef steel tarps to 24’ x 26’ triple reef lumber tarps with 8’ x 10’ flaps. Their versatility knows no bounds.

Whether someone in Wooster, Ohio, is looking to recover their awning frames over the winter, or a homeowner in Massillon, Ohio, is researching how to obtain extra winter storage, Lehman Awning Company can assist with their porch roll curtains and awning fabrication and installation. Individuals can get their home ready for winter by converting that beautiful, yet useless during the winter, back porch with tightly secured and custom-fit patio and porch roll curtains for patio furniture and grills to be protected from the elements. Not only does Lehman’s specialize in every aspect of commercial and residential awnings from North Canton, Ohio, to New Philadelphia, Ohio, but they also excel at truck tarp repair, replacement, and accessories, whether a driver needs a custom truck tarp or a standard sized tarp from their inventory. Anyone who needs to protect their wares from inclement weather can trust the experts at Lehman Awning Company.

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