Anyone Can Call Graphic Accents in Akron, Ohio, to Gain New Customers with Vehicle Wraps & Van Graphics

By Fiona Vernon

People go into business, because they have a passion for something that they would like to share with the world. The most successful entrepreneurs from North Canton, Ohio, to Uniontown, Ohio, believe that their products and services can improve people’s lives; however, finding the best method of getting one’s name in front of the right audience is the challenging element. The goal is to find an advertising method that employs effective and low-cost options. Businesses usually have to make a choice between the two, because rarely have marketing approaches in the past reached many people on a limited budget. Graphic Accents in Akron, Ohio, can offer the most cost-effective advertising with their vehicle wraps. Not only do they offer the best of both worlds in helping any business in and around Green, Ohio, reach the maximum number of potential customers, but they can also help gain new customers with a range of promotional products, from full-color permanent signs and vinyl banners to business cards and brochures. They also offer custom logo creation for getting people to identify with and respond to one’s logo. Individuals want to keep their van graphics and paint jobs from the typical marring that is created with normal driving, and Graphic Accents can supply vehicle paint protection with their clear auto bras. From protecting one’s investments to gaining new customers, this local graphics company can satisfy anyone’s needs with their mobile media advertising, product design, and installation.

Measuring the effectiveness of advertising isn’t always easy, but the best way to start is by measuring the price for each person that views it. Cost per thousand (CPM) impressions is used to quantify the price of each thousand views that an ad will receive. According to a 3M study, television ads have an average rate of $17.78 CPM for a 30-second prime time spot, a four-color page spot in a magazine was $9.35 CPM, and radio ads were about $8.61 CPM; however, the very best pricing for anything available was with the use of vehicle graphics, wraps, and other mobile media at only $.30 CPM. These results prove that business owners must no longer decide between what is the most cost-effective advertising and what reaches the most viewers, because they have it simultaneously in mobile media advertising. Anyone from Uniontown to Akron can contact Graphic Accents for their van graphics, considering a single intra-city van with graphics can generate up to 16 million visual impressions in a single year. That’s over 61,000 views a day if the van is only driven Monday through Friday! Anyone who has worked with Graphic Accents in the past for their amazing fleet graphics for gaining new customers can attest to the fact that clients will get the best 3M full-color vinyl and laminate to achieve the best results possible.

Not only does Graphic Accents specialize in fleet graphics, but they also offer full graphics design, printing, and installation, from custom logo creations to full-color permanent signs and vinyl banners. They are the only company a business will find necessary to help them share their passion from North Canton to Green. Graphic Accents is also a leader in the sale and installation of vehicle paint protection, which is a clear auto bra and headlight protection film that is cut to fit any vehicle precisely. One of the biggest expenses in anyone’s life are their vehicles, and Graphic Accents’ clear auto bras protect that investment from bugs, scratches, road salt, and small road debris so that a vehicle can maintain its attractive appearance and trade-in value. The clear auto bra won’t cause damage to an OEM paint job, even being removed years later, since it is a thin, virtually invisible urethane paint protection film.

Large companies, like foodservice distributors and delivery companies, realize the importance of branding with vehicle wraps, as can be seen in the semi-truck and van graphics used every day from North Canton, Ohio, to Uniontown, Ohio. Smaller companies are rather recently following in those footsteps after realizing that mobile media advertising is the most cost-effective method of keeping one’s name in front of potential customers. Graphic Accents can help anyone gain new customers, from the first step of a business in custom logo creations to the everyday efforts with full-color permanent signs and vinyl banners. They can also protect the vehicle wraps they have installed, as well as any paint job, with vehicle paint protection film. These clear auto bras will protect any paint job from the damage that can occur with normal driving. Business owners from Akron, Ohio, to Green, Ohio, can take advantage of the superior graphics and the most cost-effective method of advertising by calling Graphic Accents!

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