Homeowners Can Call K&K Heating & Cooling in Cleveland, Ohio, For Nexia & Honeywell Lyric Smart Home Thermostats

By Fiona Vernon

With technology advancing as rapidly as it has over the past 100 years, no one could have foreseen what conveniences would be attainable with the use of the internet. A convenience that allows homeowners to control the components of their home from any location — from the lights and thermostats to security systems — is converting their existing home into a smart home. There are basic components that are required for a smart home setup that cost a minimal amount of money, and relying on K&K Heating & Cooling to supply options in smart home thermostats, like the Honeywell Lyric and Nexia thermostats, will ensure proper installation and connection. Anyone from Brooklyn Heights, Ohio, to Parma Heights, Ohio, can call this local heating company not only for a vast array of thermostats, but also for free furnace estimates on affordable furnace repair or installation when they are experiencing temperature fluctuations in their home. It’s not too late for anyone in Brook Park, Ohio, and all of Cleveland, Ohio, to call for their annual furnace inspection. Individuals looking to save on utility bills and improve their comfort levels at home can call K&K Heating & Cooling!


Five basic devices can be implemented in any home to transition it to a smart home. Homeowners all throughout Cleveland who have waited until recently to make the smart home transition can now find better, cheaper, and smaller technology. A smart home hub is necessary, such as Amazon’s Echo Dot or Google Home, alongside a powerful WiFi router. Smart bulbs in lamps, as well as smart plugs that will convert any home appliance into a smart appliance will add convenience to the entire system. Last, but not least, is a smart home thermostat, allowing control of the heating and cooling systems when someone is away from their Brooklyn Heights’ home. K&K Heating & Cooling is a comprehensive local heating company that not only offers free furnace estimates with affordable repair and installation, but also products to make anyone’s home atmosphere more relaxing, like humidifiers and smart home thermostats.

K&K Heating & Cooling offers several ways to save on utility bills, such as their annual furnace inspection that increases energy savings, as well as lowers annual repair costs. When customers from Parma Heights to Brook Park would like to take advantage of the latest in technology and install a smart home thermostat, they carry Honeywell Lyric and Nexia. Individuals who have either forgotten to adjust the temperature before they left in the morning or would like a warm house when they arrive home can control these programmable thermostats from any smart phone or tablet. Nexia’s home automation bundles offer all the components necessary to get any home setup and running wirelessly. The Honeywell Lyric thermostat seamlessly fits into the unpredictability of a family’s schedule with its heating control, water leak detection, and security cameras.


Anyone from Parma Heights, Ohio, to Brook Park, Ohio, who has been patient and is only now getting on board with smart home technology, can call K&K Heating & Cooling in Cleveland, Ohio, for Hopewell Lyric and Nexia smart home thermostats. Not only can they install a variety of products to help individuals in and around Brooklyn Heights, Ohio, save on utility bills, but they also offer savings on annual furnace inspections and free furnace estimates for affordable repair and installation. Anyone who relies on this local heating company can attest to the fact that they are dedicated to provided professional and superior service for all comfort needs.
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