Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, can Protect Their Investment with 3M Vehicle Paint Protection Film from Graphic Accents

By Fiona Vernon

Drivers tend to form relationships with their vehicles. With proper care and maintenance, people in Hudson, Ohio, rely on their Jaguar XJ or Aston Martin Vantage to get them to their destinations on time and safely. Throughout an individual’s life, they will spend more money on their trusted vehicles than on the home in which they live. The average person will own approximately 12 vehicles in their lifetime, and the average vehicle will set them back about $33,000. It only makes sense that anyone from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Bath, Ohio, would like to protect the investment that they have made in their mode of transportation. Graphic Accents in Akron, Ohio, is one of the only companies in the area certified to install high-quality 3M Paint Protection Film, or clear auto bras, for stone chip and overall vehicle paint protection. Anyone who wants to boost their car’s trade-in value can do so with the protection of the clear car wraps installed by the certified professionals at Graphic Accents.


Increasingly strict regulations in the paint industry have resulted in products that cause vehicle paint to chip more easily; however, Graphic Accents offers a clear auto bra, which keeps any vehicle, whether it’s a Mercedes S-Class or a Lexus LS, looking factory-fresh even after thousands of miles. 3M consistently performs research and development to improve their products, and Graphic Accents uses their latest, top-of-the-line 3M Scotchgard Protector Paint Protection Film Pro Series. Individuals from Akron to Pittsburgh who want to protect the investment that they have made into their prized vehicle can rely on this clear car wrap for stone chip and overall vehicle paint protection. It can also boost a car’s trade-in value with its installation to the body’s exterior, protecting the surface from road debris and weathering. It boasts exceptional clarity, while being resistant to yellowing and offering unrivaled scratch and stain resistance.

Graphic Accents is well known for their vehicle wraps and graphic design, but they are also one of the few certified 3M paint protection film installers in a wide area. Anyone from Bath to Hudson who considers their full-sized luxury vehicle and where stone chip or road debris protection needs placed the most, it’s the leading hood edge, wheel flares, side mirrors, rocker panels, and leading door edges. The parts of a sports or high-performance vehicle that a clear car wrap can protect are the leading hood edge, front air scoop, rear quarter panels, and windshield edge molding. This 3M vehicle paint protection film boasts an impressive seven-year warranty, but only if installed by a 3M certified installer. Anyone wanting to protect their investment can call Graphic Accents and will wonder why they didn’t do it sooner.

As children transition into adults, their view of the world gradually changes. When individuals from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Hudson, Ohio, progress in their careers, they have different visions of what house and car they wish to own, with perhaps a goal of either a BMW 7-Series or a Porsche Panamera. Graphic Accents offers solutions with clear auto bras that will help protect their investment, as well as boost their car’s trade-in value, with vehicle and stone chip paint protection. The 3M paint protection film is a clear car wrap that prevents normal wear and tear by road debris and bug acids; additionally, it keeps the paint looking freshly-applied with its self-healing technology that even allows scratches to disappear. Drivers from Bath, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, who have trusted this 3M certified paint protection film installer with their baby can attest to the fact that they care about their customer’s vehicles like their own.

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