Beginner Riders in Cleveland, Ohio, can Ride Safely with SSR Pit Bikes & Kids’ ATVs at East Central Motorsports

By Fiona Vernon

Anyone who has felt the wind on their face and the freedom of sitting on an engine while adventuring over rough terrain has fallen in love with it. One of the best gifts that a parent from Sharon, Pennsylvania, to Columbus, Ohio, can give their child is that feeling with an affordable GoKart, SSR pit bike, or kids’ ATV from East Central Motorsports. This local ATV dealer keeps 110cc, 125cc, and 150cc ATVs in their inventory starting at $599; additionally, they don’t just abandon their customers after they have their fun new toy, offering parts and repair services above and beyond necessity if someone runs into a problem. They are known from Cleveland, Ohio, to North Canton, Ohio, for their impressive way of making everyone feel comfortable and like they were another member of their family. This comprehensive SSR Motorsports and Coolster dealer offers fun for the entire family with a layaway plan and a 90-day warranty, as well as plenty of gear with which to stay safe.

East Central Motorsports knows that any time is the right time to ride an ATV — from a wintry, snow-covered trail in Sharon to the sunny, dry paths on a Cleveland summer day. Many people believe that teaching their child to ride a kids’ ATV is as simple as driving a car, but that overconfidence can lead to unsafe situations. Advanced riders can always use refresher courses, but it would behoove any new rider to take a safety course before climbing aboard their affordable new GoKart or kids’ ATV. This local Coolster ATV dealer suggests riders always wear safety gear — including helmets, goggles, boots, and gloves. Flipping an ATV over is much easier than most riders anticipate, so being prepared for that event will help keep riders intact. Performing a pre-ride inspection before every adventure and not riding alone will help keep every rider safe. Parents always being available to help the kids when they need it will help to increase their confidence. Youth tend to continue any activity that they are enjoying even after they are exhausted; however, this can be a recipe for disaster on an ATV, so parents must be the ones to suggest the cessation of riding once they anticipate their child being hungry or tired. Everyone needs a break to rehydrate, refuel, and rest up to keep the fun going strong. Keeping any ATV, UTV, or pit bike maintained and functioning optimally is essential, and East Central Motorsports offers a vast array of ATV parts and comprehensive repair services.

Perhaps the person in North Canton who has been wanting to learn to ride a dirt bike just got a new SSR pit bike for Christmas! It’s a very exciting moment, but there are some safety tips to follow that will keep them safe and ensure great performance. Most common-sense riding tips are similar for all ATVs and pit bikes — such as consistently wearing safety gear, especially a helmet and especially beginner riders. East Central Motorsports is an SSR Motorsports dealer and anyone in and around Columbus will find every day layaway and a 90-day warranty on any of their models, from the beginner 70cc to the full-sized 189cc. To keep safe, one must check that they have the proper positioning and that they are on the right sized bike, most of the seats have a natural indentation where one wants their butt to rest. It takes some time for anyone to get used to the feel of their bike, so practice will help any new rider gain confidence. Smooth and quick shifts, proper braking, and acceleration control will all come as they continue to ride on varying surfaces.

East Central Motorsports offers fun, freedom, and confidence to youth from Cleveland, Ohio, to North Canton, Ohio, with their wide selection of affordable kids’ ATVs, SSR pit bikes, and GoKarts. This local ATV dealer not only offers many products to fit any age and level of experience, but they also excel at customer service on ATV parts and repair. Anyone from Sharon, Pennsylvania, to Columbus, Ohio, who has relied on the extensive knowledge of SSR Motorsports dealer East Central Motorsports knows that there is no better place to get their kids riding safely and to have as much fun as possible.
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