Great Lakes Valet Provides Private Event Valet Parking Services at Home or Catering Halls in Beachwood, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

The groundhog may have decided that there are six more weeks of winter in store, but that only means Jack Frost is one day closer to moving to other areas of the world. With the nicer spring weather around the corner, it means that people from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, to Beachwood, Ohio, will be planning more events and parties — including conference, fundraiser, wedding, anniversary, graduation, and birthday parties. When wanting to improve guests’ perceptions while increasing parking capacity, Great Lakes Valet offers private event and catering hall valet parking services. Whether a proud parent in Cuyahoga Heights, Ohio, would like graduation party valet parking for their child’s party at their home or a happy fiancé in Seven Hills, Ohio, is looking for wedding valet parking for their dream day, this local valet parking company takes away the stress of worrying about the guests’ happiness or running out of room for parking.

It may seem like a natural occurrence to pull up a large hospital, upscale restaurant, or vacation resort and have a valet park the car, but most people from Beachwood to Cleveland Heights don’t consider this option for the parties that they plan throughout the year. Great Lakes Valet provides private event valet parking services that are more affordable than people realize. There are numerous benefits above and beyond the improved perception of every guest if one obtains wedding or graduation party valet parking. Guests are able to pull right up to the door and not have to worry about finding a parking spot, walking if it’s far away, or trudging through inclement weather after they put time and effort into their appearance.

Perhaps a leader of a non-for-profit organization has decided to throw a small party in Seven Hills in appreciation of her coworkers’ efforts. Whether it’s home or catering hall valet parking that someone requires, Great Lakes Valet can increase the parking capacity of any location, which helps relieve the stress of the party planner from trying to determine where everyone will park. It not only adds professionalism, but it also adds convenience and avoids vehicle capacity issues. Great Lakes Valet creates superior customer service with their ability to assist clients with disabilities, as well as those who are asking about specific regional activities in Cuyahoga Heights and beyond. They are from the area and are extremely familiar with what many guests would like to know. Their staff also comes fully licensed and insured with two million dollars of general liability coverage, garage keeper’s liability, and bodily injury. The experienced and highly-trained staff at this local valet parking company will ensure that every guest ventures into the venue safely and happily.

Planning a party can be fun even if it causes some anxiety, so it would behoove anyone from Seven Hills, Ohio, to Beachwood, Ohio, to at least delegate someone else to be responsible for increasing parking capacity and improving guests’ perceptions. Great Lakes Valet puts a strong emphasis on top-quality customer service by ensuring that every guest is comfortable and knows exactly where they are going, regardless if they are providing wedding and graduation party valet parking or a private fundraising event or conference valet parking at a catering hall. Anyone from Cuyahoga Heights, Ohio, to Cleveland Heights, Ohio, who has trusted Great Lakes Valet can attest to the fact that this local valet parking company tailors their accommodations to fit each specific guest and their needs to make their event successful!
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