Ohio Tea Company Offers Full-Bodied Pu-reh Cakes & Other Dark Teas to Washington, Pennsylvania and Beyond

By Fiona Vernon

Teetotalers from North Canton, Ohio, to Washington, Pennsylvania, who are looking for a vast array of loose-leaf teas can visit Ohio Tea Company for hundreds of varieties. Teas are a passion for countless people around the world, bringing emotional and physical comfort with their wonderful aromas and flavors. Tea is a significant part of British tradition with afternoon tea filling in the long spell between lunch and dinner, which could be served as late as 8pm. Today’s lifestyles don’t usually allow the time to sit and enjoy a relaxing cuppa tea with scones and mini sandwiches, and high tea is considered a special treat in modern times. Tea not only brings palatable pleasure, but many individuals from Dayton, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, are discovering the many benefits of drinking a variety of white, green, Oolong, yellow, and dark teas. Millions of people can be found looking forward to their morning ritual of steeping tea in an infuser immersed in their teapot or mug. Ohio Tea Company offers dark, full-bodied teas like Pu-reh tea cakes and Dark Rose, as well as herbal teas like Passion Berry. Sign up today for free shipping on hundreds of teas from this local tea company or stop in for a monthly free sample!

Ohio Tea company carries Dark Rose Tea, consisting of dark tea and rose petals that offer a smooth, medium to full-bodied, delicious dusty rose flavor and aroma. Dark teas are aged, post-fermented teas that steep up medium to full-bodied, very smooth, and usually with a natural sweet note, as opposed to the dark earthiness of pu-reh tea cakes. Dark teas have gone through a secondary fermentation, making them probiotic and allowing them to age well. For dark teas, called black teas by the Chinese, the leaves are fried, kneaded, and twisted after they are picked. Instead of being dried as Green Tea is, the leaves are sprinkled with water and placed in huge piles under cloth to ferment before being dried, resulting in a dark black color.

Pu-reh tea is a subcategory of dark teas, both being probiotic and compressed into fun-shaped cakes. Pu-reh tea originates from the Yunnan Province in Southwest China and is known for its earthy aroma and flavor. Specific varieties can be aged for over 100 years and have been known to sell for thousands of dollars. Dark teas are from the Hunan Province in China, are not aged extensively, and tend to offer lighter, sweeter notes. To brew either of the cakes, a piece is broken off and crumbled into a cup, then steeped in hot water for one to three minutes. This local tea company offers loose-leaf tea samples in their store so that anyone from North Canton to Cleveland can pick their favorite variety.

With the temperatures hovering around an average of 32 degrees in January alone, individuals from Dayton to Washington love the soothing feel of warm liquid as it slides down their throats. Ohio Tea Company’s Amorè tea is a black tea with cherry, elderberry, rosehips, cranberry, blackberry, raspberry, and cherry flavors with a light, fruity flavor. The benefits of drinking tea are physical, as well as emotional, with the high number of antioxidants that they contain. As the routine of any day wears on, those who are concerned with their caffeine intake will find a vast array of herbal teas at this local tea company, along with free shipping on tea when they sign up through their website. Passion Berry tea, delicious hot or iced, contains pieces of apples, orange peel, peaches, rosehips, and no added sugars, making it perfect for all ages. Pondi Cherry features a medley of cherries, cranberries, raspberries, and blackberries for a pleasing flavor. A little piece of heaven is the thought of wrapping one’s teapot in its cozy and seeing the steam rise as it steeps or filling the tea infuser and immersing it into one’s favorite mug. Not only does Ohio Tea company offer hundreds of teas, but also all the accessories for the perfect brew.

Tea is a delicacy to be enjoyed daily, with a mix of varieties thrown in so that the full benefits of drinking tea can be taken advantage of. Ohio Tea Company offers free shipping on their loose-leaf tea to anyone from Washington, Pennsylvania, to Dayton, Ohio, and beyond, as well as a vast amount of knowledge and history. Whether someone in Cleveland, Ohio, wants a full-bodied tea every morning or another in North Canton, Ohio, wants a lighter, fruitier tea for afternoon, everyone will be amazed at the impressive selection of herbal and dark teas, such as Amorè and Pu-reh tea cakes, available at this local tea company. Not only will they find black, white, green, yellow, and herbal teas at Ohio Tea Company, but all the teapots, infusers, and accessories with which to experience the perfect cuppa tea
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