Gearheads in Richmond, Virginia, can Obtain a Custom Built Mopar NAG1 at Gearstar Performance Transmissions

By Fiona Vernon

Many individuals who find their passion connecting the intricate details to obtain maximum performance from a wide variety of vehicles have typically been interested in cars most of their lives. To keep an old car performing well, it must be taken care, which is easy with good weather and superior road quality, offered from Raleigh, North Carolina, to Richmond, Virginia. Other cities, like Dayton, Ohio, boast having automobiles in their blood with the first battery-operated car ignition developed there over 100 year ago. Car fanatics typically have a few cars that are their favorites with preferred modifications to engines and high-performance manual or automatic transmissions, and those who love them a Dodge Challenger also found a love in the beast of a NAG1 transmission. Any motorhead from Denver, Colorado, and beyond knows that Gearstar Performance Transmissions offers unrivaled craftsmanship in their Mopar, Ford, and GM performance transmissions. This hotrod transmission company has been providing heart-pounding performance with their custom-built transmissions for over 20 years with no signs of letting up!


If a car enthusiast from Denver to Raleigh has added any type of performance modifications and boasts a 5.7L or larger HEMI, they should consider adding a high-performance custom built NAG1 transmission by Gearstar Performance Transmission. This beast of a transmission, also marketed under other names — including WA580 and W5S580, will ensure that the powertrain of any modified hotrod will hold up to the demands placed on it. Many people don’t necessarily give credit where it’s due for the NAG1, because it is older and slightly dated, but it is a monster that boasts quick shifting. This high-performance automatic Mopar performance transmission can be found in many Chrysler products and is an electronically controlled 5-speed system with a lock-up clutch in the torque converter. The fifth gear is designed to be an overdrive with a high-speed ratio, and the ratios for the gear stages are obtained by three planetary gear sets.

Some of the benefits that a NAG1 transmission offers include increased gas mileage, shift control, service life, and lowered maintenance costs, as well as improved step-ups through the five gears. It can readily be identified by a round 13-way connector near the front corner of the transmission pan. Gearstar Performance Transmissions is well-known among gearheads from Richmond to Dayton as someone that can be trusted with their baby, whether it’s a 3.6 Dodge Challenger or a 1971 ‘Cuda. This hotrod transmission company offers custom built transmissions to the exact specifications of each customer with the highest quality parts. Additionally, only one of five expert technicians at Gearstar is assigned to each project from beginning to end to ensure that not one single step is overlooked. Whether it’s a GM, Mopar, or Ford performance transmission, each one is then DYNO tested the equivalent of 100 miles before leaving the facility to ensure its perfect function.

Hotrodders from Richmond, Virginia, to Raleigh, North Carolina, who have trusted Gearstar Performance Transmissions to live up to their impressive reputation can attest to the quality and accommodation that they provide in their high performance automatic transmissions. Not only can this hotrod transmission company custom build GM, Ford, and Mopar performance transmissions exactly to the specifications for each customer’s vehicle from Dayton, Ohio, to Denver, Colorado, but they also excel at the way in which they complete each task. Whether a customer needs a TH350 for their Chevelle or a NAG1 for their Cuda, Gearstar Performance Transmissions gets every job done perfectly the first time!

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