Fitness Equipment Sales Provides Senior Living Facilities in Macon, Georgia and Beyond with Low-Impact Fitness Machines

Fitness-Equipment-SalesBy Gemma Chriss

Studies have shown that regular exercise is extremely important for older adults. Engaging in physical activity provides a number of benefits, and can even improve the health of those suffering from issues that accompany aging. However, since the majority of older individuals have seen their fitness levels decline over the years, they’re strongly encouraged to gradually work into a fitness regimen. Senior living facilities throughout Savannah, Georgia; Macon, Georgia; Columbus, Georgia; and beyond are advised to provide residents with low-impact fitness machines that minimize stress on the body. For instance, commercial treadmills, ellipticals, flexibility and strength-training machines are frequently recommended for use as senior exercise equipment. Fortunately for those in need of senior workout machines, Fitness Equipment Sales carries a number of products designed with older users in mind.

FES_TRUE TreadmillIn order to be considered a viable option for older users, a fitness product must possess a few key characteristics. For starters, a good senior workout machine will have a low step-up height for easy access. For those with weak knees and/or ankles, it can be difficult to get on and off a traditional machine. To encourage residents to continue their workouts, facilities throughout Savannah, Macon, and Columbus should invest in senior exercise equipment that’s fairly low to the ground. That way, users won’t experience any pain or general discomfort that would otherwise deter them from exercising every day.

FES_SCIFIT EllipticalAnother characteristic of a good senior workout machine is an easy-to-read display. Though there are a number of commercial treadmills, ellipticals, and strength-training machines on the market, most of them have displays with small digits that are difficult for older users to see clearly. Many facilities have found that installing senior exercise equipment with large, easy-to-read displays can significantly increase attendance and usage.

On that note, it’s also important for senior living facilities to invest in low-impact fitness machines that have easy-to-use consoles. Though most of the machines available today provide users with a variety of options, they can also be quite complicated. Having intuitive, user-friendly equipment on site has proven to be extremely beneficial to those in retirement communities, independent living facilities, rehab centers, and other similar establishments.

FES_Prism WallThose in need of senior workout machines may find it difficult to locate commercial treadmills, ellipticals, strength-training machines, and other products that have all of the aforementioned characteristics. Fortunately, Fitness Equipment Sales carries a wide variety of low-impact fitness machines that meet all of the criteria. Manufacturers such as SciFit, TRUE, CardioGym, and Prism Fitness Group offer senior exercise equipment and other fitness-related products that are ideal for facilities in Savannah, Georgia; Macon, Georgia; Columbus, Georgia; and beyond that cater to older users. By contacting the staff members at Fitness Equipment Sales, individuals can get expert advice as to which products would best fit their space, budget, and needs.

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