First Glass Window & Door helps Medina, Ohio, with Affordable Energy-Efficient Window Replacements

by Fiona Vernon

Spring and fall are the times of year when particular issues of a house are more prevalent, such as when utility bills start to increase with the extreme seasonal temperature changes and people worry about energy efficiency. Homeowners from Medina, Ohio, to Alliance, Ohio, who suspect that they may need to search for a reputable company for affordable window and door replacement can have a home energy audit performed if they need to know if windows are the right move for them. Experts will almost always agree that it’s beneficial to replace single-pane and cheap, temperature-conductive windows. When the decision for new windows has been made, homeowners from Boston Heights, Ohio, to Ravenna, Ohio, can rely on First Glass Window and Door to reap the benefits of new energy-efficient windows, from decreased utility bills and improved home value to more natural light and the reduction of outside sounds. Call First Glass at 234.706.5094 or visit their website for a free estimate, financing information on window installation, and advice on how to choose new windows!

When homeowners from Alliance to Boston Heights are trying to improve their home’s energy efficiency and want to determine if new windows are the right move for their situation can invest in a home energy audit. The inspector will examine various aspects of their home — including how many and where their HVAC registers are located, the status of window condensation and air drafts, fireplace conditions, type of thermostat and its settings, how the home is insulated and framed, test fire and carbon monoxide detectors, and so much more. They will then provide a list of suggested improvements.

The inspection may have shown that the energy efficiency is low with air drafts coming in from the window and/or doors, so the inspection has indicated that a variety of the issues would be solved with a window replacement. It may seem daunting, but there are ways to make less of an impact on one’s finances when anticipating the cost. First, find a reputable window and door company, like First Glass Window and Door. They offer free estimates and financing on energy-efficient window installation on top of their already affordable prices. Their clients can also use their tax refunds, the tax credit, and the insurance company may cover some of the cost if there is damage.

This reputable window company can also help homeowners from Ravenna to Medina determine how to choose new windows that are right for their home. There are decisions the owner needs to make so that they can get the right aesthetic and practical application. Do they want to decrease their utility bills, allow more natural light into their home, or reduce the outside sounds that they hear while trying to relax? Regardless, new windows will improve their home’s value. First Glass will explain the differences between vinyl, wood, aluminum, wood-clad, composite, and fiberglass window frames. They will also explain glass choices, such as the U-value and SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient), because the more knowledge they impart, the better the decision their customer can make. This local family-owned and run business can help guide each person through every decision.

Knowing what window company is reputable enough for someone to trust is half the battle when investing in home improvements after a home energy audit has determined that new windows are the right move. Homeowners from Boston Heights, Ohio, to Medina, Ohio, will love the affordable energy efficient window replacements or custom additions provided by First Glass Window and Door. They will also love their knowledge on how to choose the right new windows for their home. They treat every home as if it were their own and offer the benefits that new windows can provide, including an improved home value, a decrease in utility bills, a reduction of outside sounds, more natural light in a home, and more. First Glass helps homeowners from Ravenna, Ohio, to Alliance, Ohio, fall back in love with their homes. Call 234.706.5094 today for a free estimate and financing options on installation.

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