Alliance, Ohio, Trusts Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling for Smart Thermostats that Help Improve Energy Efficiency

by Fiona Vernon

With summer fast approaching, homeowners from Alliance, Ohio, to Perry Township, Ohio, are thinking about how to improve their home’s energy efficiency so that they can lower the utility bills that they anticipate being high in the extreme temperatures. Hey Neighbor Heating and Cooling has a few ideas on how to help. This reputable cooling company provides preventative air conditioning maintenance and suggests the installation of a smart thermostat to get the AC ready for summer. The latter is programmable and allows users to remotely control their home’s temperature. Perhaps they keep it set higher when they’re gone during the day and want it cool for when they get home in the evening. While the highly trained technicians at Hey Neighbor are happy to arrive in their fully stocked trucks with affordable 24-hour emergency AC services, their AC tune-ups can result in fewer repairs and an extended lifespan of the air conditioning unit. For everything from affordable Trane AC installation to the benefits of a smart thermostat, homeowners from Paris, Ohio, to Navarre, Ohio, rely on Hey Neighbor.

People who are considering the addition of a smart, programmable thermostat to their Alliance home will not only love the convenient ability to remotely control the temperature of their home, but they will also love that it helps improve energy efficiency. It does this in two ways. Over time, many of them consider how each person uses the thermostat and adjusts the indoor temperature as the ambient temperatures change. In addition to learning the family’s idea of comfort, smart thermostats can also be adjusted with an app so that a homeowner in Perry Township who realizes that they left the house without turning up the AC can change it from wherever they are. Having a smart home or components generally means that there is a hub which can be controlled from any device — phone, tablet, or others — but some of them can even sense the occupancy in a room and adjust for the desired comfort level. Homes with properly installed and used smart thermostats have experienced up to 25% lower utility bills.

Individuals from Paris to Navarre who are getting their ACs ready for summer can not only call Hey Neighbor to take advantage of the benefits of smart thermostats, but they will also need fewer AC repairs and extend their ACs lifespan if they call for preventative air conditioning maintenance. This reputable cooling company offers a 47-point inspection, discovering in their 30 years that their maintenance packages have helped prevent 85% of AC repairs. AC tune-ups also help improve air quality and protect the unit’s warranty. Don’t make any mistakes, Hey Neighbor is happy to come out any time of day or night with their affordable 24-hour emergency repair for when the AC won’t work in the middle of the hottest streak of the year. They also provide affordable Trane AC installation when the unit can no longer do its job.

Knowing who to trust when it comes to getting an AC ready for summer is half the battle in achieving the goal of fewer AC repairs, lower utility bills, and an extended AC lifespan. Hey Neighbor has been serving communities from Paris, Ohio, to Alliance, Ohio, for over three decades. They help improve a home’s energy efficiency with affordable preventative air conditioning maintenance, repair, Trane installation, and 24-hour emergency services. Individuals who want to get into the modern era can also call this reputable cooling company to install a smart thermostat. It’s not only programmable, but the user can also remotely control their home’s temperature from any location. Homeowners from Navarre, Ohio, to Perry Township, Ohio, call Hey Neighbor Heating and Cooling for everything from the benefits of smart thermostats to AC tune-ups. Call 330.875.9300 or visit their website to get on the schedule!

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