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From enthusiasts to professional riders or trainers, all equine owners know that having the right bridle is essential to being able to effectively direct your horse. It serves to question though, where is the best place to purchase such an important piece of horse tack? Well, one horse tack supplier that is known for selling very reputable equine products is Race Horse Stuff. Based in Millersburg, Ohio, this horse tack business supplies all types of horse tack to various places around the country, including Illinois, Indiana, and of course, Ohio. From stylish and comfortable leather headstalls, the always important reins, even quality nosebands, Race Horse Stuff has everything you need to get your horse properly tacked up for a variety of occasions.

Those unfamiliar with horse tack might not know that it is, in fact, the bridle that is key in helping a rider direct their horse. An important feature of the bridle is a headstall. A headstall is essentially the part of the bridle that fits around the horse’s head, minus the reins and the bit. In order to choose the right headstall, a horse owner would need to measure from the corner of the horse’s mouth, over the poll, to the other corner of the mouth. Being a proper horse tack supplier, Race Horse Stuff carries a variety of headstall styles, including browband, single ear, and two ear. They also come in an assortment of materials. The leather headstalls available at this Millersburg horse tack store are stylish, comfortable for your horse, and made of quality materials.

In addition to headstalls, nosebands are another important aspect of bridles. Nosebands have several uses. In terms of directing your horse, they are used to keep the horse’s mouth closed in an effort to help prevent the horse from evading the bit by opening its mouth too far. They can also be used to keep a horse from pulling, aiding in control. Equally important for direction and control are horse reins, which attach to the bridle via the bit or the noseband. Given that Race Horse Stuff supplies some of the finest, reputable equine equipment to horse owners across Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio, you can expect that they carry a large selection of nosebands and reins to choose from.

If you’ve been looking for a horse tack supplier that offers reputable equine products to states including Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and beyond, then Race Horse Stuff is the horse tack business that you need to get in contact with. With a large selection of bridle components, including an assortment of leather headstalls, horse reins, and nosebands, you will find everything you need to get your horse ready for riding. For more information regarding the products they carry, or to inquire about how you can go about ordering horse tack, you can give one of their friendly and knowledgeable associates a call today at 877.322.0460.
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