Eshelman Legal Group’s Truck Accident Attorneys Recover Damages for Cleveland, Ohio Area Victims & Families

What’s the most dangerous profession you can think of? Law enforcement may be one that comes to mind, perhaps construction, or a job that require the use of hazardous chemicals. Did truck driving make your list? If it didn’t, it should. The skill required to handle large rigs should not be underestimated, but even the very best drivers cannot avoid every obstacle or account for every circumstance. Eshelman Legal Group—serving Stark County, Ohio; Summit County, Ohio; and Cuyahoga County, Ohio—works hard to protect the rights of truck drivers who have been injured in single vehicle accidents, such as a truck rollover. In the event of a wrongful death suit, the truck accident attorneys at Eshelman Legal Group will perform a full truck accident investigation and strive to recover damages due to your Canton, Ohio; Akron, Ohio, or Cleveland, Ohio family.

It is estimated that approximately 600 truck drivers are killed each year in accidents. Of those fatalities, over half are attributed to rollovers. Truck rollovers can occur without the involvement of any other vehicles. Something as seemingly simple as re-entering the highway from the shoulder can cause a rollover, if the rate of speed is too high, the angle too sharp, or if any of the wheels were off the pavement. Truck drivers take the utmost care to protect their rig and cargo, along with the other drivers on the road. But who is looking out for them?

Sadly, for many years, that was also solely the responsibility of the truck driver. In the past few years, the manufacturers of tractor-trailer cabs have begun to add additional safety features. However, many of these improvements have been focused on surrounding traffic and driver comfort. And, while those things are important, and can help a driver to avoid a rollover situation, they don’t protect the driver should a rollover occur. If a truck rolls 180 degrees, and the cab ends up on its roof, there is every probability that the passenger area will be flattened. But, how will you know what really happened and who is responsible? This is why you need to call Summit County’s truck accident attorneys at Eshelman Legal Group. Their thorough truck accident investigation will assist them in their fight to recover damages for your family in the Canton, Akron, and Cleveland areas.

As the survivor of a truck accident, your injuries may well affect your ability to maintain your livelihood. Eshelman Legal Group is on your side. They will work with your Stark County or Cuyahoga County medical providers to defer billing for your treatment until your settlement has been awarded. They will carefully evaluate your situation as well as the facts of the accident to ensure that you receive fair compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, as well as potential punitive damages.

To speak to an experienced truck accident attorney in Canton, Ohio; Akron, Ohio; or Cleveland, Ohio, call 800.365.0001 or 330.376.3572, anytime day or night. A BBB accredited business that has been helping people in Stark County, Ohio; Summit County, Ohio; and Cuyahoga County, Ohio for over 40 years, Eshelman Legal Group will perform a full truck accident investigation before they being their fight to recover damages or achieve a settlement. Call them today for a free consultation or visit for more information.