Memory Lane Quilting Creates Personalized Remembrances & Commemorative Quilts for Ohio & Neighboring States

Chances are if you own a quilt, you have a story to go with it. It may be a story about the quilter who created it, the occasion for which is was made, or the role it played in your personal history—like the one that always made you feel better when you were under the weather. Quilts, whether antique or brand new, instantly become a part of our heritage. And, while it may seem that quilting is fading art, businesses like Memory Lane Quilting in Sagamore Hills, Ohio, are working to keep this art form alive in new and exciting ways that are every bit as heartfelt as handmade heirloom quilts. Their t-shirt quilts and memory quilts are perfect for keeping a loved one close or creating a functional scrapbook of special milestones and more. Memory Lane Quilting is only a short trip from neighboring communities like Brecksville, Ohio or Twinsburg, Ohio, though they often have items shipped to them from greater distances, including neighboring states like Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and more. Each quality commemorative quilt they create is a personalized remembrance, and a masterpiece that is impossible to replicate.

Sending a child off to college this year? By the time Christmas rolls around, homesickness may well be rearing its head. How wonderful would it be to send them back to school with a bit of home that they can literally wrap themselves up in? Well, you can! Surely you have numerous jerseys and t-shirts celebrating their favorite Twinsburg school activities and demarking special achievements throughout the years. Instead of leaving them packed away in a box, let Memory Lane Quilting turn them into a timeless treasure! Every glance at their completed quilt will a stroll down memory lane, something they can share with friends at school, and stories they can pass along to their own children someday. What an amazing gift!

Of course, a one-of-a-kind t-shirt quilt can also be a gift to yourself. Relive the joys of live music performances you’ve attended or chronicle your journeys and travels! No matter the “subject” of the commemorative quilt—a way to show your spirit for a favorite sports team or a tribute to personal milestones and tributes—a t-shirt quilt’s value will only grow over time.

Memory quilts are another kind of personalized remembrance available from Memory Lane Quilting in Sagamore Hills. Who hasn’t dreamed of just one more hug, one more moment with a lost loved one? Wrap a memory quilt created with pieces of clothing from their day-to-day wardrobe, and you may just feel like you’ve gotten that hug. Empty nest syndrome setting in at your Brecksville home? Break out those baby clothes that you just couldn’t part with, and let Memory Lane Quilting create colorful patchwork of memories for you! They can even add photos and use other quilt patterns to design the perfect masterpiece.

Every commemorative quilt from Memory Lane Quilting is a celebration of life. Memory quilts let us keep our loved ones near in a tangible way, while t-shirt quilts act as functional scrapbooks that we can enjoy each day. If you live in the Brecksville, Ohio or Twinsburg, Ohio area, make the trip to Memory Lane Quilting in Sagamore Hills, Ohio to see more about their personalized remembrances and other products or reach them by phone at 888.575.7845. You can also find them online at or click HERE to find them on Facebook!

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