Neubert Painting Can Give Your Westlake, Ohio Home a New Look with House Exterior Painting

In an ideal world, we would be able to snap our fingers and have all of the housework done for us! Unfortunately, that’s not the case. If you want to put a fresh coat of paint on your Westlake, Ohio or Shaker Heights, Ohio home, you either have to do it yourself or enlist the help of someone else. Luckily, Neubert Painting is a well-known business around the Cuyahoga County, Ohio area that can make your residence look brand new with house exterior painting. Even if you want to change the color of your badly-faded siding, the experienced painters at Neubert can help! Unlike some companies that don’t offer such a service, Neubert Painting has no problem with vinyl and aluminum siding painting.

If you’re uncomfortable with the thought of painting your entire residence yourself, Neubert Painting is one of the best options in Cuyahoga County. Having years of experience in the field, you can feel confident that the painters who visit your home know what they’re doing. The house exterior painting service that you will receive from Neubert includes all of what you would expect—and more.

After you receive your free estimate, the team at Neubert Painting will begin working on your home by scraping away any loose paint and sanding any rough spots. Once the bare wood has been exposed, the painters will apply a coat of primer to the area. They may also perform caulk repair and window glazing before starting on the premium paint coatings. Your house exterior painting will be performed with the greatest care by experienced professionals. You definitely won’t have to worry about them slacking off or forgetting to cover important areas with tarp! And best of all, their painting job is backed by a 3 year warranty.

While Neubert offers many great services, the most convenient might just be their vinyl and aluminum siding painting. If your Westlake or Shaker Heights home is covered by one of these types of siding, it may be difficult to find a company that will paint it! And that’s probably not a task you’ll want to tackle yourself. Once again, Neubert can save the day! This local business is well-equipped to handle vinyl and aluminum siding painting so you don’t have to. Plus, their service is backed by a 10 year warranty against peeling!

It would be nice if all our necessary home repairs could be completed by snapping our fingers, but that’s just not how it works. However, Neubert Painting can perform your house exterior painting almost as easily! If your Shaker Heights, Ohio or Westlake, Ohio residence needs a serious makeover, this Cuyahoga County, Ohio business is the one to contact. For more information about Neubert Painting or their convenient vinyl and aluminum siding painting, visit or call 216.529.0360.