Electro-Aid from Ohio-Based Direct Action Company Is an Excellent Choice for Mature Horses

It’s no secret that mature horses require a bit more care than those in their prime. As these animals age, they tend to lose a number of nutrients that are very important to their overall health and wellness. That being said, it’s up to you, the caretaker, to research equine health tips in order to keep them strong and able. Fortunately, Ohio-based Direct Action Company not only offers useful advice to owners of mature horses, but they also carry a number of supplies that are vital to their physical fitness, including horse electrolyte products. As mature horses require a stable electrolyte balance in order to stay in the best condition possible, incorporating electrolyte supplements in their daily regimen is an excellent way to keep them fit and energized. And the Electro-Aid product from DAC can do just that for the horses in your Indiana, Illinois, or Texas stables.

As a horse caretaker, it’s important for you to read up on the latest equine health tips so you’re aware of what new products are out there to help with the upkeep of your own animals, especially if they’re nearing the later stages of their lives. That’s why Direct Action Company works with professional nutritionists and veterinarians from all over the country: to provide owners and trainers with the information and supplies they need to keep their animals in tip-top shape. And since electrolyte balance is such a serious issue with mature horses, this Ohio-based company has spent a significant amount of time researching the purpose of electrolytes in horses so they could create a horse electrolyte product that has the most beneficial ingredients possible.

With sodium and chloride, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and bio-available trace minerals, Electro-Aid from DAC works to give mature horses a safe and healthy electrolyte balance. As these ingredients are the most common salts found in the body, caretakers don’t need to worry about giving their horses an electrolyte supplement with manufactured additives. DAC has taken great care to craft a horse electrolyte product that replaces the salts mature horses tend to lose over time.

Electrolytes don’t just assist in preserving the correct balance of fluids both inside and outside of the body; they’re involved in nearly every function of the body. If the mature horses in your Indiana, Illinois, or Texas stables don’t have the proper electrolyte balance, you could be faced with such complications as dehydration, muscle fatigue, reduced stamina, and overheating. Fortunately, that’s exactly what the Electro-Aid product from DAC works to prevent.

As not all horses get the electrolyte balance they need from salt licks, adding an electrolyte supplement like DAC’s Electro-Aid product can provide them with the healthy salts they need to stay hydrated and energized. To learn more about this horse electrolyte product from Ohio-based Direct Action Company and some of the other equine health tips they offer to caretakers like you, visit their website at www.feeddac.com. You can also give DAC a call at 800.921.9121 to find a dealer near your own Indiana, Illinois, or Texas stables so you can obtain the supplies you need to keep your mature horses in good shape.

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