Drivers in Stow, Ohio, Can Use Their Stimulus Check for a Quality Pre-Owned Vehicle at Jay’s Auto Sales

By Fiona Vernon

During this time of uncertainty, individuals are trying to come to terms with the idea that they may either have to dip into their savings or hunker down so that they can last through the tough financial times that result from being laid off. Some drivers may have been waiting for a more opportune time but are finding that their car is just not going to make it much longer. Jay’s Auto Sales can help individuals from Canal Fulton, Ohio, to Brecksville, Ohio, with their easy car financing and senior and military discounts on affordable used cars and trucks. This local used car lot can relieve the stress that normally accompanies buying a car with their online car loan application, which can lead to affordable weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly car payments. Countless people are wondering how to best use their stimulus check; however, when trying to build credit in addition to needing a quality pre-owned vehicle, it’s the perfect time to use that or an income tax refund as a car down payment. Whether a driver in Lodi, Ohio, is looking for a Buy Here Pay Here dealer or an old customer in Stow, Ohio, had a great experience and finds winter was too hard on their current vehicle, Jay’s Auto Sales provides the same service for the credit challenged as it does for those in good standing. Call 330.334.1080 today!

There is not much stability in the atmosphere of the world today so feeling in control of anything that we can is essential for those from Brecksville to Lodi to keep hold of their sanity. Instead of trying to cut their own hair as if they are teenagers again, individuals can be in control of their safety and that of their family by using their income tax refund as a down payment on a quality pre-owned vehicle. Jay’s Auto Sales has a full-service automotive department that puts each vehicle through a rigorous safety inspection before it ever goes on their lot. Everyone can feel confident that this local used car lot not only offers amazing vehicles for the credit challenged, but they also provide a 30-day, 1,500-mile warranty. Their aftercare is second to none as they also offer service work at a discounted price if a vehicle requires any repairs after the warranty has expired.

Not even experts can agree on the best plan for how to use stimulus checks. While some consumers have no choice and need to pay their monthly living expenses, everyone needs to step back and reassess their situation. It really depends on the “why” of the spending. What are the financial goals? Anyone from Stow to Canal Fulton who finds that, regardless of the situation, they are going to need a new car can rely on the easy car financing and affordable used cars and trucks at Jay’s Auto Sales. This Buy Here Pay Here dealer makes sure their patrons have limited exposure with their online car loan application and extensive online inventory. Potential customers can pick a vehicle and research it before they take it for a test drive. Don’t forget to consider the senior and military discounts that they offer to make it easier on those who are already living with a limited income. Their efforts result in either affordable weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly car payments. Go online or call Jay’s Auto Sales 330.334.1080 to explore the many options available

In the market for a quality pre-owned vehicle but not quite sure how best to use that income tax refund or stimulus check? The compassionate staff at Jay’s Auto Sales makes it as easy on the wallet as possible for individuals from Lodi, Ohio, to Canal Fulton, Ohio, with their online car loan application, affordable bi-weekly car payments, and senior and military discounts. Choosing this local used car lot to give a down payment to is a simple choice. This Buy Here Pay Here dealer hand picks each vehicle and is proud of every affordable used car and truck that they place on their lot. Whether a driver in Stow, Ohio, is looking for a vehicle because they are credit challenged or another in Brecksville, Ohio, wants to reduce their anxiety with easy car financing, Jay’s Auto Sales has been helping the community for 34 years.
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