Drivers from Akron, Ohio, Can Make A Down Payment for an Affordable Car with Their Tax Refund at Jay’s Auto Sales

By Fiona Vernon

The IRS reported in 2017 that the average income tax refund was $2,782. This amount of extra money provides many options for someone in Medina, Ohio, who realized that their vehicle barely made it through winter. If they provided the down payment for a car with their tax refund, that’s almost a 20% down payment! The larger the down payment, the less likely someone is to be upside down in their new car loan. Whether someone in Akron, Ohio, has excellent credit or another in Fairlawn, Ohio, is looking to improve their credit score, Jay’s Auto Sales provides car financing for anyone with good, bad, or no credit. This local used car lot not only has a wide selection of affordable pre-owned cars and trucks, but they offer first responder and veteran car discounts every day. Drivers in North Canton, Ohio, and beyond can visit this Buy Here Pay Here dealer to get back on the road in a reliable and safe vehicle at a fantastic price.

Many people look forward to tax season! No one enjoys the stress of actually filing their taxes, but the majority of people look forward to the refund that ends up in their bank account. Some people look at it almost as a savings account and use the money for a large expense or to pay off bills. Anyone will find it a great idea to provide the down payment for a car with their tax refund. Jay’s Auto Sales already offers affordable pre-owned cars and trucks and in addition to that applies a first responder and veteran car discount. Perhaps someone in Fairlawn had been nursing their car through the last two winters until it broke down three times this past year. When they realize that they are receiving a sizable tax refund, they work the numbers and are thrilled to figure out that they can use the whole thing as a down payment at this local used car lot to bring their monthly payments to a reasonable amount that will keep them on the road paying even less than they had for their old car!

Whether a driver in North Canton had visited Jay’s Auto Sales years before when they needed car financing because they had bad credit and trusts their high-quality vehicles or another in Medina is trying to improve their credit score, this Buy Here Pay Here dealer has a vast inventory of affordable pre-owned cars or trucks from which to choose. If someone makes the down payment with their tax refund, the payments will be affordable and gradually have a positive effect on their credit score with consistency. For 32 years, this family-owned, local used car dealer has helped thousands of area residents with their affordable weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments. They are so confident that they also provide a 30-day, 1,500-mile warranty with a discount on any repairs that may be necessary after the warranty has expired. Their inventory changes frequently, but regardless of the vehicle, each one is put through a rigorous safety inspection before they put it out on their lot. Anyone from Akron and beyond who has visited Jay’s Auto Sales before knows that they aren’t like any other dealer.

With spring right around the corner and people filing for taxes, drivers looking to make a down payment for a car with a tax refund can visit Jay’s Auto Sales for affordable pre-owned cars and trucks. This local used car lot offers top quality vehicles for which customers from North Canton, Ohio, to Fairlawn, Ohio, return years later when they are in the market for another car. Clients trust Jay’s rigorous safety inspections and first responder and veteran car discounts. Not only does this Buy Here Pay Here dealer provide car financing with bad credit for anyone looking to improve their credit score, but they also offer discounts on repairs done in their service center on the vehicles whose warranties have expired. Anyone from Akron, Ohio, to Medina, Ohio, who has trusted Jay’s Auto Sales since 1986 can testify to them still being around decades later due to their compassionate, generous nature.

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