Anyone in Summit County, Ohio, can Call Fraley Memory Productions for Affordable 2018 or 2019 Senior Pictures

By Fiona Vernon

With the weather finally starting to break and the mornings of frosty blades of grass gradually becoming a less common occurrence, spring is showing signs of bringing more sunshine to the residents of Summit County, Ohio. The warmer temperatures also mean that high school graduation is right around the corner. Perhaps a parent in Tallmadge, Ohio, wants to plan ahead and find an affordable professional photographer, it’s not too early to call Fraley Memory Productions for 2019 senior picture packages. It’s also not too late for a family in Akron, Ohio, to call this local portrait studio if they realized that they need 2018 senior photos for their child’s graduation in a few months. Most families want to capture this special time in their child’s life but want to do so affordably. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor senior sports or pet photo, Fraley Memory Productions offers anyone in Stow, Ohio, and beyond creative ways to capture each high school senior’s unique personality.

Graduating high school is a milestone to which children and parents alike spend their lives looking forward. It also leads to many expenses, starting with the fun of a graduation party and then the application and attendance of a trade school or traditional college. Fraley Memory Productions feels that people who want to preserve the momentous occasions signifying the maturity of their child shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality while saving money. These affordable professional photographers in Summit County are committed to providing a wide selection of senior photo packages that fit a variety of budgets. Fraley’s gets to know their subjects and produces images that reflect them, truly portraying an individual’s style and character. It’s not too late for anyone from Stow to Tallmadge to take advantage of the upcoming spring weather and call Fraley’s for 2018 senior photos.

Those who prefer planning ahead can call the experienced team at Fraley Memory Productions for their indoor or outdoor 2019 senior pictures. The purpose of taking pictures is to remember special moments and loved ones. They are a means of expression in which someone’s personality should shine through, whether it’s a spontaneous selfie or a planned event scheduled for a group. Sports is of huge import to many people, and Fraley’s offers senior sports photos that will display the love someone feels for the game. Anyone can pose with items that exemplify who they are — including pets, books, or a musical instrument. Some families prefer to have pictures taken in the bright sunshine and want to wait until the summer after their child’s junior year. This local portrait studio allows their clients to choose their favorite spot within 20 miles of the studio. For those not sure of what location would make the best background, Fraley’s also has their own favorite areas with which they are extremely familiar and can guide individuals to the most beautiful scenery. These areas include:

  • Lock 3 Area in downtown Akron
  • Quail Hollow State Park
  • Firestone Metro Park
  • Springfield Lake
  • Downtown Hartville

Many changes occur in a person’s life in their first 18 years. They start out relying completely upon the efforts of their parents to simply survive, while being taught to eventually be able to not only survive but thrive on their own. High school graduation signifies a transition between youth and adulthood, where parents in Akron, Ohio, and all throughout Summit County, Ohio, begrudgingly free their children to flourish in the real world. Fraley Memory Productions offers indoor and outdoor 2018 and 2019 senior picture sessions that won’t break the bank. The affordable professional photographers at this local portrait studio offer a wide selection of senior photo packages that fit many budgets. Whether a senior in Tallmadge, Ohio, loves tennis and wants senior sports photos or another in Stow, Ohio, wants to glorify their music career by posing with their band instrument, Fraley Memory Productions wants everyone to remember this historic occasion with love and pride.

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