Businesses in Cleveland, Ohio, Call Cuyahoga E-Waste Recycling Solutions for On-Site Mobile Hard Drive Shredding

by Fiona Vernon

What exactly is e-waste? It’s electronic products at the end of the purpose for which they were produced and include items such as TVs, copiers, fax machines, computers, cell phones, VCRs, and stereos. There are approximately $60 billion worth of raw materials sitting in e-waste around the world, like silver, copper, and gold. People do not realize that only 17% of the products that can be refurbished, recycled, and reused are actually disposed of with that intention. Cuyahoga E-Waste Recycling Solutions was established to improve that percentage. The owners wanted to improve the world for their children and can help businesses and individuals from Cleveland, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, contribute to the cause with responsible disposal of electronics.

This e-waste solutions company has left recycling bins throughout NE Ohio so that it’s easy for someone to simply drop off their cellphones and other e-waste. They also help businesses from Lakewood, Ohio, to Mentor, Ohio, remain compliant with HIPAA, FACTA, and NIST 800-88 regulations with their mobile hard drive shredding that provides secure on-site data destruction for solid-state and hard disk drives. It only takes one phone call to Cuyahoga E-Waste Recycling Solutions at 216.314.2897 to make a difference with electronics recycling.

Most people have the greatest intentions in improving the state of the environment and may not even realize that it’s possible to recycle electronics. The knowledgeable and compassionate people at Cuyahoga E-Waste Recycling Solutions are here to make people and businesses aware that they can responsibly dispose of their electronics. This e-waste solutions company even makes it easy for them by going directly to their place of operation. Whether a business in Akron has upgraded their computer hardware and needs recycling to keep them compliant with HIPAA or another in Lakewood needs secure data destruction that keeps them compliant with FACTA or NIST 800-88, they can call for mobile services on solid state (SSD) or hard disk drive shredding.

Businesses want to know that the data they have so valiantly protected is destroyed, so they are allowed to observe the entire process from beginning to end. They will even receive a certificate of destruction that lists the serial number of each item. Cuyahoga E-Waste then removes and recycles each item.

In addition to their secure on-site data destruction, they also provide ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) that offsets a portion of the cost of upgrading. ITAD helps maximize returns to each business by remarketing technology. The hard drives are shredded on-site or wiped clean of any data at our facility prior to remarketing. A few of the benefits that a company will realize when working with Cuyahoga E-Waste Recycling Solutions are the options of regular pick-ups or on-demand services, certificate of hard drive destruction, a secure chain of custody at every touch point, and the fact that everything is recycled with local partners. They also help promote electronics recycling by individuals with strategically placed e-waste recycling bins from Cleveland to Mentor. The only thing necessary to get started is a phone call or visit to their website.

Technology upgrades are simply a part of operating a business, but the knowledgeable people at Cuyahoga E-Waste Recycling Solutions can help minimize that cost with ITAD and solid-state and hard-disk drive shredding. This e-waste solutions company helps the environment and keeps its clients compliant with HIPAA, FACTA, and NIST 800-88 regulations with secure on-site data destruction with mobile hard drive shredding. They make it easy for people from Lakewood, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, to dispose of TVs and cell phones with the placement of e-waste recycling bins, and businesses from Mentor, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, reap the benefits of the responsible disposal of their old electronics and equipment. Anyone can join the effort to improve the future of the generations facing the effects of how business is done today with one phone call to Cuyahoga E-Waste Recycling Solutions.
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