Hudson, Ohio, Trusts First Glass Window & Door for Improved Indoor Air Quality & Decreased Utility Bills

by Fiona Vernon

When houses were made of stone and no one had produced the technology of insulation or architecture with more natural light, windows were simply a hole in the wall covered with wood or animal hides. The use of glass as a window wasn’t a commonplace practice until the 17th century. People also now know that indoor air quality is important regarding one’s health. When homeowners from Silver Lake, Ohio, to Youngstown, Ohio, are debating using their tax refunds to invest in new windows for their home, it would behoove them to consider all the benefits. Not only can they take advantage of the tax credit they receive when they call First Glass Window and Door for affordable energy-efficient window and door installation, but they will also enjoy advantages that include decreased utility bills, reduction of outside sounds, improved curb appeal and home value, more natural light, improved air quality, and lower maintenance with windows that fold inward.

This local window and door company can also help improve home security with basement egress windows that not only bring a home up to current regulations but also allow first responders easy access. Everyone from Hudson, Ohio, to Tallmadge, Ohio, will love working with the compassionate experts at First Glass Window and Door. Call 234.706.5094 today for a free estimate!

Replacing windows is something that is not high on the list of exciting things that adults must consider. With windows lasting an average of 15-20 years, depending on the material from which they are constructed and how often people move, it’s not something in which they will have to invest very often. When any homeowner from Youngstown to Hudson isn’t sure whom to call, they can rely on the impressive reviews and credentials of First Glass Window and Door. Past customers state that they chose this reputable, local window and door company because they were affordable and didn’t push them to buy anything they didn’t need when they compiled a free estimate for them. With one phone call or visit to their website, they arrive to analyze the home’s layout and truly listen to each person’s specific needs whether they want a basic replacement of existing windows or the addition of a bay window or sliding door where none currently exist.

First Glass accommodates custom and standard requests while providing affordable energy-efficient window and door installation. They also install basement egress windows that allow first responders a way to get inside and a safe place from which the inhabitants can escape in case of emergency. It’s a great way for homeowners from Tallmadge to Silver Lake to use their tax refunds while taking advantage of the tax credit they can receive because they are improving their home’s energy efficiency. Some of the other benefits of new windows include an improved home value that makes it appealing to potential buyers, better curb appeal that makes owners happier when they pull in the driveway, decreased utility bills that help them save money, better health with an improvement in indoor air quality from airtight seals, reduction of outside sounds, more natural light that creates a sense of peace and comfort, increased security with improved locking mechanisms, and lower maintenance with windows that fold in. First Glass even helps make it easier on their customers’ wallets by offering financing options.

People had no regard for nighttime insects, like mosquitoes, and were only concerned about letting fresh air and light in and smoke from the fireplace out before glass windows existed. Things are much different today with the knowledge that bugs transmit disease and drafty windows can increase energy costs. First Glass knows that investing in affordable new energy-efficient windows and doors is an investment not lightly made, so they make the process as smooth and affordable as possible. Whether someone in Hudson, Ohio, is planning on selling their home and wants to bring it up to code with basement egress windows or another in Silver Lake, Ohio, wants to improve their indoor air quality and increase security while reducing outside sounds, this local window and door company offers all the benefits that accompany new windows.

Everyone who has used their tax refund and the new tax credit for new windows finds great joy in the decrease in their utility bills, improved curb appeal and home value, lower maintenance that saves them time during spring cleaning, and how much more natural light they have in their home. Individuals from Tallmadge, Ohio, to Youngstown, Ohio, will never regret calling the experts of First Glass Window and Door!
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