Bluegrass Improves Outdoor Living Spaces for Homeowners in Massillon, Ohio, With Custom Landscape Designs

By Fiona Vernon

The air is gradually warming, making outdoor enthusiasts migrate outdoors to enjoy the fresh air. Instead of simply sitting on a folding chair on the grass in the backyard, homeowners from North Canton, Ohio, to Portage Lakes, Ohio, can enjoy the soothing sounds of water bubbler fountains while the LED landscape lighting creates the perfect atmosphere. It just takes one phone call to Bluegrass Incorporated at 330.492.8733. This full-service landscaping company caters to anyone who would like custom landscape designs with hardscaping, such as retaining walls, fire pits, and stone walkways. Additionally, they will complete the dreaded spring clean-up and clear any yard of debris from winter. Not only can they help someone in Alliance, Ohio, have a plush lawn with irrigation installation, but they also specialize in landscaping for new construction. Bluegrass helps people in Massillon, Ohio, and beyond who want to improve their outdoor living space with everything from backyard water features to artificial grass installation. Call today to get on the schedule!

So, why get a backyard water feature, like a bubbler fountain? It doesn’t only add beauty. It helps people ease their stress, which, in turn, lowers blood pressure and improves mental health. Fountains also attract wildlife so that simply being in their presence can be an adventure. All it takes is one phone call to Bluegrass Incorporated. This third-generation company is family-owned and operated, so they know what it is to want to please every member in a home. Perhaps someone likes the lights in their neighbor’s yard. Not only does LED landscape lighting illuminate a home and its surroundings, but they create a safe environment by making it less likely for burglars to target them and allows them to see the path on which they are walking in the evening. This full-service landscaping company provides custom landscape design according to each client’s specifications from Portage Lakes to Alliance.

It is hard to enjoy anything outside when there are branches everywhere, and the beds need mulching. Bluegrass can come to any home from Massillon to North Canton for spring yard clean-up. They not only remove debris and freshen landscape beds, but they also trim the bushes that need it and revamp edging. They add weed preventer and remulch where necessary. People who want to improve their outdoor living space can rely on the expertise of Bluegrass for custom hardscaping — including patios, fire pits, outdoor kitchens. They are available for existing home designs and those that need landscaping because they are new constructions with artificial grass or lawn irrigation installation. They can even lay a new decorative walkway with custom pavers, natural stone, custom pavers, flagstone, and stamped concrete.

Homeowners from Alliance, Ohio, to North Canton, Ohio, may not know what would look best when they want to improve their outdoor living space, but Bluegrass has three generations of expertise to be able to guide them. They are a full-service landscaping company run by a family trusted for services that include custom landscape designs, artificial grass, lawn irrigation installation, landscapes for new construction, backyard water features, custom hardscaping, and LED landscape lighting. For everything from water bubbler fountains to spring yard clean-up, homeowners from Massillon, Ohio, to Portage Lakes, Ohio, trust Bluegrass Incorporated.

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