Akron Barber College Teaches Massillon, Ohio, How to Become a Certified Barber & Their Own Bosses

By Fiona Vernon

With the turn of the year, many individuals begin to assess their lives and make resolutions to improve the areas that they feel may need it, making it the perfect time to start preparing for a new career. Akron Barber College is the ideal place to begin barber training for individuals in Massillon, Ohio, and all Stark County, Ohio, when they are looking for the best careers for self-employment. This local barber college not only teaches men’s and women’s modern haircutting techniques, but they also instruct on traditional barber services that were found in old-fashioned barbershops, such as shaving and trimming facial hair. Students today that possess the ambition leading them to search for jobs where they can choose their own hours and be their own boss will love the extensive courses that educate them on how to cut, color, relax, perm, and style men’s and women’s hair. Everyone in Kent, Ohio, and all Portage County, Ohio, can enroll in Akron Barber College (330.644.9114) and take advantage of their expert knowledge on a path to become a certified barber.

Older generations guided their children toward the idea of attending a traditional brick and mortar college, finding out the hard way that this isn’t always the best option. Their experience has taught current generations more opportunities are available with local trade schools. Individuals from Massillon to Kent who are looking to start a new career where they can eventually choose their own hours and be their own boss can easily enroll at Akron Barber College. Students can start training to become a certified barber on any Tuesday as long as there is an opening, with instruction being held five days a week. Full-time students can complete the 1,800-hour course in about 11 months; however, they understand that people sometimes have responsibilities that interfere and offer part-time schedules to a select number of participants.

When individuals are contemplating their future and what might be the best careers for self-employment, it usually comes back to consumable products and services. People will always have hair with most of the population wanting it groomed. Akron Barber College offers a curriculum centered around not only traditional barber services, but also modern haircutting techniques. It starts with theoretical classroom study on subjects that include sanitation, ethics, shop management, and scalp diseases and progresses to learning how to cut, color, relax, perm, and style hair. This local barber college even boasts a barbershop for the public with discounted prices so that students can hone what they have learned about men’s and women’s haircuts, trimming and shaving facial hair, and so much more. Everyone from Portage County to Stark County can start on the modern and old-fashioned barbershop teachings from Akron Barber College (330.644.9114) with one phone call!

When individuals are deciding with whom to trust their future and what the best career is for self-employment, they want instructors with extensive experience. Akron Barber College has been teaching its students how to color, cut, perm, style, and relax women’s and men’s hair with barber training since 1920 and has been under the ownership of the same family since 1950. Additionally, they teach old-fashioned barbershop values and services, like trimming and shaving facial hair. Whether someone in Portage County, Ohio, wants to start a new career where they can choose their own hours or another in Stark County, Ohio, would like a job where they can be their own boss, this local barber college passes on its expertise to prepare its students for a successful future. Everyone from Kent, Ohio, to Massillon, Ohio, looking for a local trade school to become a certified barber can learn traditional barber services and modern haircutting techniques at Akron Barber College.

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