Akron, Ohio, Trusts First Glass Window & Door to Improve Utility Bills with Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

By Fiona Vernon

The holidays are in the rearview mirror, and the temperature is finally starting to drop. It is inevitable for Jack Frost to arrive; however, he brings with him some of the common winter problems that homeowners from Akron, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, must face. Families trying stop cold air draft from entering through old windows and doors to improve their utility bills can call First Glass Window and Door to take care of it once and for all. This local window and door company provides new energy efficient residential replacement window and door installation — including basement, egress, bow, and bay windows, and so much more. They even make it possible to be functional and improve curb appeal at the same time with the installation of decorative doors. Knowing not everyone has a rainy-day fund, they make renovations easy on any wallet with home improvement financing. Everyone from Kent, Ohio, to Portage Lakes, Ohio, looking to keep their home warm this winter while increasing their home’s security will find a solution better than putting plastic wrap on windows with one phone call to First Glass Window and Door (234.706.5094)!

Anyone who has lived in and around Cleveland for any amount of time knows that snow and ice always arrive. It becomes second nature for people in Kent and beyond to rely on their furnaces this time of year; however, even with the best systems, it’s still essential for homeowners to stop cold air drafts from entering through windows and doors in order to keep their homes warm. When they are looking to improve their utility bills, a solution that is far better than putting plastic wrap on their windows is to call the experts at First Glass Window and Door. Snuggling around a fireplace is cozy but not feasible during every moment of a cold spell so taking advantage of a more permanent solution can save money in the long run. Residential replacement windows and doors can be obtained at a reasonable price, especially with home improvement financing that accommodates any budget. Tommy Lilly had this to say:

“Tim and the team at First Glass did an awesome job. They offer affordable window replacement options, great turnaround times and were very punctual. I would recommend them to anybody looking for window replacement! 5 star service.”

Not only can First Glass Window and Door help solve common winter problems for homeowners from Portage Lakes to Akron, but they can help improve curb appeal with beautiful bow or bay window installation. Bow windows jut out, giving more interior room while allowing expansive views of the countryside beyond while bay windows boast more pronounced angles. This local window and door company can also increase a home’s security with the technological advances on the structure of new residential decorative door or energy efficient replacement window, including basement and egress window installation. Egress windows are typically required when finishing a basement or adding a room and are paired with an attached ladder or steps for easy escape in case of fire in addition to meeting certain size specifications to allow a fireman to enter. Call First Glass Window and Door today to get on the schedule (234.706.5094).

It’s painful to watch electric and gas fees increase every year, but First Glass Window and Door can help homeowners from Kent, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, solve common winter problems to improve their utility bills. They offer solutions that are better and more permanent than shrink wrapping plastic wrap on windows every winter with their new energy efficient window and door installations. Not only can this local window and door company help stop cold air drafts from coming in through old doors and windows, but they can also increase a home’s security with advanced locking systems and basement egress windows. Additionally, they can improve curb appeal with a decorative door or residential replacement windows, including bow and bay window installation. Everyone from Portage Lakes, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, can keep their home warmer than ever this winter with the home improvement financing and low pricing from First Glass Window and Door.
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