Want the Benefits of Drinking Tea in Dover, Ohio? Find Teas for Relaxing or To Help a Workout at Ohio Tea Company

By Fiona Vernon

Tea has long been heralded as the perfect way to entertain company, as well as the perfect remedy to an upset stomach, way to wake up in the morning, and relax in the evening. The benefits of drinking tea are widespread, whether it’s matcha green as a superior source of antioxidants or a refreshing herbal tea like Sunrise Meditation when it’s time to relax. Perhaps a fitness enthusiast in Beachwood, Ohio, is looking for teas to help their workout or someone who practices yoga in Akron, Ohio, would like teas for relaxation. Ohio Tea Company offers hundreds of loose-leaf teas, tea pots, and infusers to produce the perfect tea for the perfect occasion. This local tea company always features new and exciting products, and those looking for spring teas, such as French Lemon Crème or Almond Pear Chai, will be thrilled with the free shipping that they can receive on their teas. Anyone from Dover, Ohio, to Massillon, Ohio, looking to discover the benefits of drinking tea can either visit Ohio Tea Company’s website or their store to discover which of their wide selection fits their preference!

Anyone from Akron to Dover who loves fitness will be thrilled when they discover the vast amount of benefits that drinking tea can have on their workouts. Muscular strength is directly related to performance, regardless if someone runs marathons or is a body builder. Oxidative stress and inflammation lead to muscle and bone deterioration over time, and exercise introduces a temporary stress in order to strengthen the body. Incorporating healthy eating and drinking habits can help one’s body recover effectively; however, the high amounts of antioxidants and polyphenols that are found in tea can offset this type of stress, improving bone and muscle strength. Teas also contain vitamins, such as thiamine and riboflavin, which break down carbohydrates and improve metabolism. Studies have also shown that long-term ingestion of green tea boosts exercise endurance by 24%! White and green teas contain ECGC, a polyphenol responsible for numerous immune system and cancer fighting benefits. Pu-erh tea is sometimes known as the weight loss tea because it suppresses fatty acid synthesis and lowers cholesterols by producing natural statins. Rooibos tea is naturally sweet, caffeine-free, and loaded with Vitamin C and antioxidants. People who are looking for teas to help with their workout can rely on the vast array of loose-leaf teas available at Ohio Tea Company.

Whether someone from Massillon loves to drink tea to wind down after a workout or another person in Beachwood simply loves teas for relaxation, this local tea company offers free shipping on hundreds of products, as well as tea pots and infusers, that will make the perfect cuppa tea. Their refreshing spring teas induce moments of calm in this crazy world. French Lemon Crème is a caffeine-free green rooibos with lemon peels, calendula, lemon wedges, and vanilla, perfect for a sweet ending to a busy day. Herbal tea Sunrise Meditation boasts a delightful combination of papaya, apple, pineapple, orange, hibiscus, rosehips, rose petals, and sunflower petals for sipping throughout the day without the jittery effects of caffeine. Almond Pear Chai is a white tea that has flavors of roasted almonds, sweet pears, apples, ginger, fennel, cardamom, cinnamon, anise seed, star anise, and licorice to tickle the taste buds during a relaxing afternoon. People who visit Ohio Tea Company are taking care of themselves all while they are enjoying satisfying flavors.

People from Akron, Ohio, to Beachwood, Ohio, who are looking for hundreds of tea varieties that will fulfill any desire, whether it be teas for relaxation or to help them during a workout, will find all the loose-leaf teas with free shipping at Ohio Tea Company. This local tea company not only offers refreshing spring teas, such as French Lemon Crème, Sunrise Meditation, and Almond Pear Chai, but they also provide everything necessary for the teetotaler to enjoy the perfect beverage any time of day with their tea pots and infusers. Anyone from Dover, Ohio, to Massillon, Ohio, wanting to enjoy the benefits of drinking tea can find a vast amount of knowledge and products at Ohio Tea Company.

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