Hunters in Dover, Ohio, can Prepare for Spring Turkey Hunting Season with Shotguns & Shells at Kames Sports

By Fiona Vernon

Hunting is a skill that can be honed throughout the year with practice. It is an excellent means of finding one’s own food, as well as a great method of population control. Turkey hunters in Ohio who were successful last year will be happy to know that the conditions of this year’s spring season will be similar to 2017, meaning it will be productive for the birds and the hunters. Anyone from Dover, Ohio, to Lake Cable, Ohio, can visit Kames Sports in North Canton, Ohio, to prepare for spring turkey hunting season, which starts on April 21st, 2018. Turkey vests are a great way to effectively carry the tools a hunter will need for success — including their turkey hunting license, riflescope, pocket knife, bug repellant, camo gloves, diaphragm turkey calls, and whatever else someone may find helps them be successful. This local sporting goods store not only has a wide selection of shotguns and shells for the novice or advanced hunter, but is also offering a turkey contest with fantastic prizes, and the first 100 to register by April 30th will receive a free diaphragm call. Hunters from Portage Lakes, Ohio, and beyond can take the short drive to Kames Sports for all their essentials for turkey hunting.

There are certain essentials for any hunter who would like their time spent in the woods to be successful and enjoyable. It wouldn’t do anyone from North Canton to Portage Lakes any good to come out of their hunt with a beautifully harvested turkey but be miserable for days because they forgot to put the bug repellant in their turkey vest. Kames Sports has all the essentials for turkey hunting. Camo gloves and a mask can help to reduce human odor so as not to spook the intended game, while protecting their skin from weather. The turkey hunting license can be zipped into the inner pocket, never needing touched again so that it won’t be lost. This local sporting goods store excels at the details with flashlights and headlamps just in case a treasured knife is dropped amongst the leaves or the moonlight just isn’t adequate. They also supply first aid kits and snake bite kits for those unexpected accidents.

Kames Sports has a wide variety of shotguns and shells, as well as riflescopes, for any first-timer or experienced hunter, like the Mossberg 500 12-gauge Turkey LPA with an adjustable fiber optic sight. The amount of shells to pack can be based on past experience but packing three for the shotgun and two as reserves is a great start. A pocket knife is important for many tasks in the forest, whether it’s a mini saw blade or a single blade. A compass, GPS, and maps tucked away to avoid getting lost if a fog rolls in are great survival tools. Not only does this local sporting goods store provide snacks, dry socks, and water to make long treks in the woods more motivating, but they are also having a “Longest Beard Turkey Contest”! The first 100 applicants to register by April 30th receive a free diaphragm turkey call, and anyone can bring in their harvested turkey to have the beard measured. The longest beard wins a 50-quart Pelican Elite Cooler and will be entered into a drawing to win a $50 Kames’ gift card! Anyone from Lake Cable to Dover can visit Kames Sports to prepare for spring turkey hunting season.

Avid or first-time hunters from Dover, Ohio, to Portage Lakes, Ohio, who are trying to prepare for spring turkey hunting season can find the essentials for turkey hunting at Kames Sports in North Canton, Ohio. This local sporting goods store not only offers everything to fill a turkey vest effectively — such as camo gloves, bug repellant, pocket knives, riflescopes, a turkey hunting license, and anything else necessary for success and fun — but they are also offering the chance to win a $50 gift card and a 50-quart Pelican Elite Cooler with their “Longest Turkey Beard Contest”. Even turkeys without a beard can be brought in just to be entered into the $50 gift card contest, with the first 100 registered receiving a free diaphragm turkey call. Whether someone from Lake Cable, Ohio, needs the small details or wants to add to their repertoire with a new shotgun and shells, Kames Sports is the perfect place to find everything!

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