Vern Dale’s Water Center Is the Canton, Ohio Location for De-Icing Salts and More

Water is our most precious of resources, essential to all living things. Knowing this, are you drinking enough water? If not, then why? Vern Dale’s Water Center in Canton, Ohio wants to help make your drinking water better with one of the many drinking water systems they carry. Though you may think your Massillon, Ohio tap water tastes great, is it really great for you? One of Vern Dale’s many drinking water systems can reduce a variety of water contaminants from your drinking water that could potentially pose a health threat. Not only this, but water is a cost-effective drink, as well as a greener alternative to water bottles. If you’re unsure as to whether your drinking water is bad, or you just want to be certain, they offer free water analysis to help you out! Vern Dale’s knows that with winter approaching, you may be more worried about the ice on the driveway of your Alliance, Ohio home than the ice in your drink. Vern Dale’s offers a variety of de-icing salts as well as other products and services that can get you through the changing seasons.

For over 50 years, Vern Dale’s Water Center has been a helping people with their water conditioning needs. Today, Vern Dale’s offers free water analysis on your drinking water. With a drinking water system– whether it’s reverse osmosis or a two-stage system—you can reduce a variety of water contaminants from your family’s drinking water to promote a healthier lifestyle. Not only this, but water is a much more cost-effective drink than your sugary beverages, as well as healthier for your body. Getting clean drinking water from the tap is a greener alternative to water bottles as well as less expensive.

Vern Dale’s knows that it doesn’t matter if you live in Massillon, Alliance, or Canton— you can’t escape from winter. One of the many de-icing salts that Vern Dale’s carries is the Calcium Chloride Deicing Pellets that can work in temperatures as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit. Wow! Even though it gives off heat to melt the ice and snow faster, it is safe on concrete and vegetation when used properly. If you can’t get out to Vern Dale’s to gather up your softener salt or de-icer, they can deliver! They also offer other services such as repair or maintenance for your business or residential water softener system or its components.

Vern Dale’s Water Center in Canton, Ohio is the perfect place to address all of your water needs. Offering everything from free water analysis to installation of their products, it’s easy to see why this company located near Massillon, Ohio is doing so well. Not everyone needs a drinking water system, but those who do know that it’s a greener alternative to water bottles as well as more cost-effective drink. The best part about their drinking water systems is the knowledge that they can reduce a variety of water contaminants to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. And when winter rolls around, don’t forget to pick up some de-icing salts for your Alliance, Ohio home! To learn more about Vern Dale’s Water Center’s products and services, visit them at or call 330.455.9466.