Join Elite Security Consultants in Stark County, Ohio for Employment as a Security Officer

With the holidays quickly approaching, Elite Security Consultants is busier than ever! And that means they need to add more trained security experts to their team. If you’re interested in joining this Stark County, Ohio company for employment as a security officer, now is the time to do it! But be warned, Elite Security Consultants doesn’t hire just anyone to be a part of their talented group. While many of you in the Summit County, Ohio and Portage County, Ohio areas might be searching for security guard careers, you need to be able to prove that you’re up to the task. Not only do you need to have experience, but the first step is passing ESC’s intense physical fitness examination.

Elite Security Consultants has become one of the fastest growing security companies in the Northeast Ohio area. And they certainly didn’t accomplish that feat by sitting around and watching TV shows on their cell phones! It takes hard work and dedication to become a member of Elite Security Consultants, and they only choose the best of the best to add on to their team. Every trained security expert at ESC has had previous experience in the military or law enforcement. And that goes for all of you in the Summit County or Portage County areas who want to join! If you want a challenging and rewarding career making a difference in the community, you need to show that you are capable of handling difficult situations.

This Stark County company asks that anyone seeking employment as a security officer have the proper training and certification. All applicants interested in a security guard career must have 20 Hour OPOTA Firearm Certification, or must acquire one within the first 60 days of stage 1 of the Elite Security hiring process. Elite Security is beginning the first stage of their hiring process on November 11th, 2012. So, if you have your certification, you can put in your application by November 7th, 2012 and reserve your spot for the physical fitness examination. This examination is meant to test your endurance and see if you are able to complete various tasks. If you’re up for the challenge, you may just be one of the people that Elite Security Consultants is looking for!

If you are searching for employment as a security officer near the Summit County, Ohio or Portage County, Ohio area and have a background in the military or law enforcement, then ESC has an opportunity for you. Those who want to learn more about Elite Security Consultants and what they do can visit If you think you would do well in a security guard career with ESC, download the application from ESC’s website or email Sergeant Mike Allocco at Just be sure you get your application in by November 7th, 2012 so you can reserve your spot for the physical fitness examination. If you’re qualified, you can expect to receive a call about the opportunity to join this team of trained security experts in Stark County, Ohio.

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