Trapped! Escaped Room Provides Middle or High School Birthday Party Entertainment for Painesville, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

Kids have officially been released into the freedom of summer, leaving parents to sometimes wonder what they are going to do to keep them occupied. Summer camps are fun, but why not choose something different that helps to improve their critical thinking as well?! Trapped! Escape Room offers fun summer entertainment when any family from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, to Parma Heights, Ohio, is looking for middle school or high school aged activities. A benefit of group games is that they help to improve a person’s problem-solving skills. They also help build relationships, since the participants must work together to solve the puzzle games and unlock the metaphorical door to freedom. This local escape room not only offers team building exercises and packages for companies and families alike, but they also are ideal birthday party entertainment for any age, whether on-site or at one of their four locations. Everybody from Painesville, Ohio, to Berea, Ohio, looking for an indoor gaming facility on a hot summer day will find fun for every personality at Trapped! Escape Room.

Many parents wonder how they will possibly keep their children occupied once the dog days of summer kick in. When the bickering starts, they can book a room at Trapped! Escape Room. Not only does this indoor gaming facility satisfy every age and personality with their diverse themes, but they can also help to improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The benefits of group games are that they offer team building exercises when the kids have become bored. The puzzle games that need solved to unlock the room are perfect to get kids out of their own head and focused on working cohesively, ultimately building relationships in the entire family. This local escape room offers over 16 themes in four locations from Painesville to Parma Heights, which is plenty of variety with all the middle school and high school aged activities necessary to survive the summer!

Whether someone in Berea is looking for summer entertainment for the big mid-summer bash they always throw, or a dad in Cleveland Heights is looking for a new kind of birthday party entertainment, Trapped! Escape Room now offers on-site pop-up game rooms! Pop up rooms are a great way to interact with others and create fun at any event. Bounce houses have run their course, and everybody has had one, so it’s time to do something different that employs creativity and puzzle games for every age. Trapped! Escape Room will setup, tear down, and provide game mastering for six hours, with full access for eight hours. Imagine people coming over for food and fun and surprising them with a themed game of their choosing — including going off the beaten path of a hiking trail in The Secret Garden, accepting an assassination job in The Contract, robbing a bank in The Vault, opening a broken door of an elevator in The Broken Elevator, escaping a mermaid in an underwater cave in Under Water Discovery, and even a room customized to match the theme of the party. What better way to have some fun with family and friends!

Whether a family in Berea, Ohio, is looking for summer entertainment with middle school and high school aged activities or a mom in Parma Heights, Ohio, is deliberating the best birthday party entertainment, Trapped! Escape Room offers a wide selection of themes with puzzle games that will satisfy all ages and interests. This local escape room provides a vast array of benefits that group games and team building exercises provide, such as improving critical thinking and problem-solving skills, while helping to build relationships between siblings or co-workers. Anyone from Painesville, Ohio, to Cleveland Heights, Ohio, who wants to be creative will find a summer full of a fun either on-site or at the indoor gaming facility of Trapped! Escape Room!

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