Gearstar Performance Can Match the Right 700R4 Automatic Transmission to an Engine in New Haven, Connecticut

By Fiona Vernon

The mechanisms of a vehicle are similar to the human body in that they all must work in synchronicity to function properly.  The heart of a car is the engine, while the transmission is the muscle that moves the entire body. It can’t function at its best without each component operating in perfect unison. Anyone from New Haven, Connecticut, to Columbia, South Carolina, who wants one of the best transmissions ever built to power either a GM small or big block engine can trust the master technicians at Gearstar Performance Transmissions for a perfect custom-built GM high-performance automatic 700R4 transmission. This impressively versatile transmission has the strength to power everything from a heavy GMC Jimmy to the speed requirements of Chevy small block V-8. Any car enthusiast from Lynbrook, New York, to El Paso, Texas, needs to know that he’s matching the right transmission to coincide with the custom upgrades that he has performed on the engine of his prized Pontiac GTO, and this hot rod transmission builder will take any stock transmission and customize it specifically to each vehicle’s needs. Whether it’s a Mopar, Ford, or GM performance transmission that is demanded, Gearstar Performance Transmissions will satisfy each customer’s needs.

Gearstar Performance Transmissions can attest to the fact that one of the most versatile and popular transmissions ever produced was the 700R4 transmission, which was constantly being improved upon. As fuel efficiency has become more of a concern over the years, automotive technology began to address the issue with the production of many products that improved upon previous transmissions. Two of the reasons that the 700R4 is considered one of the best overdrive transmissions is its improved fuel consumption and the much lower gear ratio in first gear, allowing good acceleration from a dead stop. This four-speed automatic transmission, sometimes referred to as the Hydra-matic, boasts a 30% overdrive in fourth gear, is longitudinally positioned, and ideal for up to 6,000 pounds gross vehicle weight. It holds 11 quarts of transmission fluid and is constructed of cast aluminum; however, the stock version of the 700R4 transmission easily overheats in cars that are driven hard, which is where the expertise of the master technicians at this Gearstar Performance Transmissions come in, who highly recommends the installation of an aftermarket cooler to prevent overheating. Anyone from El Paso to Columbia will wonder why they didn’t call sooner!

When any motorhead from Lynbrook to New Haven has the passion to restore a classic car, they are building the perfect speed-producing machine that requires a transmission complementing the specifications of each customized component. Each person building a 350-small block is going to have it come out looking and performing different than his neighbor’s. No project is standard, like the stock engines and transmissions that manufacturers produce, so matching the right transmission to the engine is essential for each vehicle’s overall function. A car’s custom paint job and intimidating sound may turn the heads of passersby, but if it isn’t backed by power, it won’t hold its own on the pavement. Gearstar Performance Transmissions has one master technician build each project from start to finish, whether it’s a custom-built automatic Ford, Mopar, or GM high-performance transmission to match a vehicle’s exact designs. No detail will be overlooked, and each unit is DYNO tested with its converter the equivalent of 100 miles to ensure that the system operates perfectly before ever leaving the facility.

Gearstar Performance Transmissions fashions custom-built high-performance automatic transmissions to the exact specifications of the engine it is going to serve, matching the rear gear ratio, horsepower, and torque output of the engine. Anyone from El Paso, Texas, to Columbia, South Carolina, will know that they are working with a hot rod transmission builder who is matching the right transmission to the engine in their car, whether it’s a Ford, Mopar, or GM performance transmission. Individuals from Lynbrook, New York, to New Haven, Connecticut, who are looking for a 700R4 transmission to meet their requirements will find all they need when they talk to a master technician at Gearstar Performance Transmissions. They are dedicated to the engineering of the finest performance transmissions in the world. Quality over quantity. It’s what they do.

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