Timeless Timbers, Inc Offers Energy Efficient Homes for Cleveland, Ohio

Choosing the right kind of home for you is difficult. Where to live: Cleveland, Ohio, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania or Wheeling, West Virginia? From the number of bedrooms and bathrooms to finding an energy efficient home, the prospect of building your own home can seem like a fruitless endeavor. At Timeless Timbers, Inc in Strasburg, Ohio they make choosing a log home plan for you simple with their wide selection of luxurious log cabin home plans! Now, when you think of a log cabin, you are probably picturing something in the middle of the woods outside in the early 1800’s. But the reality of it is that log cabins serve not only as an environmentally friendly house, but as one of the most energy efficient home choices on the market!

The idea of this simple rustic or classic luxury style of housing serving as a more efficient means of conserving energy over the more popular and modern styles of building seems preposterous. But none the less it’s true!

What makes log cabin homes so energy efficient?

Wood has two key characteristics that affect its ability to be energy efficient.

Insulation: This refers to the wood’s ability to resist heat transfer. You probably understand this best by comparing it to the insulation that is in your house. Your home’s insulation quality is determined best by its “R-value” or the amount of heat that is lost as it passes through the material. The same is true for wood!

Thermal mass:  It is this characteristic that helps make a log cabin a more energy efficient home. During the daytime, the logs are warmed naturally by the sun. But as the temperature cools at night, the logs release this stored heat, thus warming your home naturally. Which sounds great when you want to keep your house warm during those cold Cleveland winter nights, but what about during the summer?

During the summer, as the sun naturally warms the red cedar or pine logs, the mass of the logs helps to slow the transfer of heat into the home. This helps your home keep the cool air in and the hot air out during those scorching summer days. And a good rule of thumb is, the thicker the diameter of your logs, the slower they absorb the heat, while still being able to radiate more heat back into your home than their skinnier flat counterparts.

Another reason to consider making your next home a luxurious log cabin from Timeless Timbers Inc in Strasburg is because they truly serve as an environmentally friendly house. By being more energy efficient, they will help you conserve energy that would normally be wasted on excessively trying to cool or heat your home. Also, log cabins are made from natural and renewable resources, so if there is ever a time where your home needs to be deconstructed, then the logs will serve as a valuable source of quality timber for production of other lumber and wood products. This is a much more eco-friendly means of use and reuse than a more modern foundation, whose core components are left sitting in a Pittsburgh landfill.

Regardless if you are looking to settle down in Cleveland, Ohio or in the greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, considering a log cabin home as your home could be just what you need to help simplify your lifestyle, conserve energy and save money. As a family owned and operated business, Timeless Timbers, Inc in Strasburg, Ohio, strives to help their customers build the energy efficient home of their dreams. With the economy the way it is, people are looking to downsize and focus on the things that truly matter in life: family. So contact them today at 330.878.1100 or visit their site www.timelesstimbers.net and see how you can start building your environmentally friendly home today!