The Pierogi Lady’s Dessert Pierogies Are Perfect for Your Hartville, Ohio Holiday Party

With New Years right around the corner you may find yourself planning for your next holiday party. While Christmas is all about traditions, New Years is about new beginnings and excitement. Finding New Years Eve party ideas to wow your guests can be challenging but The Pierogi Lady can help bring a unique touch to your get-together. The Pierogi Lady’s dessert pierogies can add a special touch to your holiday menu. When gathering a large group of people together it can be hard to find party food that will satisfy everyone’s tastes. The Pierogi Lady provides a large assortment of desserts for Hartville, Ohio; Uniontown, Ohio; and Akron, Ohio customers.

Along with the large variety of pierogies on The Pierogi Lady’s menu, you can now choose from a delicious list of dessert pierogies. The Pierogi Lady’s sweet pierogies are the perfect complement to any of her one of a kind pierogies. Whether you are in the mood for something sweet or chocolate infused, you can find something to hit the spot. With their unbeatable prices you can try each of their dessert options. The Pierogi Lady offers Hartville, Uniontown, and Akron customers Blueberry, Apple, Apricot, Prune, Prune with Sauerkraut, and the Candy Bar. The Prune with Sauerkraut pierogi mixes lekvar and sauerkraut for a sweet and sour traditional taste, perfect for New Years Eve. If you are looking for something a little more sweet and salty, try The Pierogi Lady’s Candy Bar dessert pierogi. The Candy Bar pierogi is filled with chocolate ganache, peanuts and caramel, making it the perfect dessert after any meal.

If this is your first time hosting a New Years Eve party or if you’ve done it traditionally the past few years, looking for New Years Eve party ideas can make your holidays hectic. Finding the time in between making Thanksgiving food, opening presents, entertaining your family and friends to plan another holiday event can make your “time off” seem like work. Let The Pierogi Lady plan your next event for you. They can take care of preparing the perfect party food for your event, making everything hassle free and flawless. Ordering from The Pierogi Lady lets you ring in the New Year right. The only thing you should be worrying about on New Years Eve is who you will be kissing at midnight!

Finding New Years Eve party ideas on places like Pinterest can be fun in theory but do you really want to try creating an event with people depending on you to make their New Years Eve memorable? Making party food for a large group of people can mean that you end up cooking multiple dishes to please everyone that is coming, leaving you little time to enjoy the holiday season yourself. The large selection of dessert pierogies at The Pierogi Lady ensures that everyone coming to your party will have something they can enjoy. Wind down the year right with a flawless, hassle free holiday. The Pierogi Lady’s pierogies and dessert pierogies are a perfect fit for your holiday party. If you are planning a party in Hartville, Ohio; Uniontown, Ohio; or Akron, Ohio, call The Pierogi Lady to see what pierogies she has available for you at 330.690.2129 or visit their website,