Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts in Sugarcreek, Ohio Has Tons of Christmas Décor to Beautify Your Home!

‘Tis the season to begin decorating your Dover, Ohio or Strasburg, Ohio home for the Christmas festivities. It’s hard to believe that in less than a month we’ll be opening presents, watching Christmas specials on TV, and spending quality time with our loved ones. How exciting! But if you’re in charge of hosting the annual gathering at your Tuscarawas County, Ohio home, now might be a time of frustration rather than joy… Turning your home into a winter wonderland may end up being a lot harder than you initially thought! Especially if you’ve been shopping for decorations at some of the big-box stores. Maybe you can’t find the ornaments you want, or the greenery is all wrong. Whatever your issues may be, there’s a good chance that your problems could be solved by taking a short trip over to Sugarcreek, Ohio. “Why?” You may ask. Well, because Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts has a large selection of Christmas décor that you can use in your own home. Along with string and seed lights, Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts is also offering Warm Glow candles, Christmas wreaths and garland. Everything you need to transform your home into a scene from one of your favorite holiday movies can be found within this local shop! Plus, Swiss Country has an inventory of maintenance-free poly bird feeders for all of your winged-friends who decide to stay home this season.

If you’ve never been inside this Sugarcreek establishment, you’re in for a treat! Swiss Country normally has a beautiful interior filled with all kinds of crafts, decorations, and home furnishings, but right now the shop looks like a version of the North Pole! A number of Christmas wreaths and garland are displayed on the walls—some complete with holly berries. Any one of these greenery items would look wonderful on your front door, welcoming holiday visitors to your Dover or Strasburg home. With different sizes, shapes, and colors, Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts gives you countless options when it comes to holiday greenery. And if you want to light up your residence for all to see, you can even pick up some affordable string and seed lights to hang up outside. The battery operated seed lights have a timer that could really come in handy. However you want to show your holiday spirit, Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts can help!

You can even spread the holiday cheer by doing something nice for the birds that haven’t migrated for the winter. Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts has at least four different sizes of maintenance-free poly bird feeders that you can hang outside of your home. One can even hold four gallons of bird seed! The feeders come in an assortment of colors, so you can still choose one that goes along with your Christmas theme!

Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts can also help you with the interior of your Tuscarawas County home. With various ornaments, figurines, candle holders and other Christmas décor, you can find everything you need to make your home as warm, cozy, and festive as possible. Why not check out Swiss Country’s large selection of Warm Glow candles? These primitive-looking cake candles will light up your home with a soft glow while giving it a rustic feel. Plus, there are many scents to choose from, so you get to decide whether you want your guests to walk into a forest of evergreens or a bakery filled with apple-cinnamon delights!

Now is the perfect time to head over to Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts for all of your Christmas décor. Not only do they have an impressive selection of Warm Glow candles, string and seed lights, as well as Christmas wreaths and garland, but there’s a good chance that you’ll find everything you want at an extremely reasonable price! So, why not head over to this Tuscarawas County, Ohio shop today? You’re sure to find great deals on a number of products—even maintenance-free poly bird feeders! Visit their website at or call 330.852.2031 to find out more about their inventory. Or simply head over from your Dover, Ohio or Strasburg, Ohio home. Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts is conveniently located at 2131 State Route 39 in Sugarcreek, Ohio.