Support Hairstylists at Scott Talbot SalonSpa in Akron, Ohio, by Purchasing Their Professional Styling Products

By Fiona Vernon

When someone’s hairdresser retires or they move to a new area, many find it difficult to find a local hairstylist with whom they can rely on for years; however, once that relationship is formed, very few things in life can compare. People from Fairlawn, Ohio, to Green, Ohio, should feel good about themselves, and the persona we show to the world contributes to that feeling. Hairstylists invest their time, energy, and money into improving their abilities and knowledge with which to better serve their clients. Scott Talbot SalonSpa takes pride in choosing who represents them, because those are the people that clients let run their fingers through their hair, rub their scalps, and trust with the face that they put forward. It helps to think of one’s local hair stylist as their doctor in the way that they are trusted with something precious — self-confidence. When someone really trusts their doctor, they may research but then take their doctor’s advice on treatments. The same is true of hair treatments and professional styling products recommended by one’s hairdresser. They take the time to learn how all of their products affect each hair style and texture so that they can customize their advice specifically to every person’s needs. From someone who is looking to control frizzy hair to another who wants to protect their hair from heat damage, this local hair salon offers a vast selection with which to fulfill every need in Moroccanoil, Redken, Pureology, Thermafuse, Paul Mitchell, and Lanza hair products. Individuals who crave loyalty and quality can make one call to Scott Talbot SalonSpa for the best service in Canton, Ohio, and Akron, Ohio.

Diversion is an unauthorized distribution of professional styling products outside of their normal channels of distribution, also known as the “grey market” area. According to studies, over $99 million at retail value in professional hair care products was diverted in the third quarter of 2011. That number is staggering considering that it is all taken out of the pockets of local hair stylists and salons. One of the concerns customers must be aware of is the quality of the product that they are purchasing. All products sold through Scott Talbot SalonSpa in Akron, Ohio, or Canton, Ohio, are guaranteed, whereas the product acquired through the grey markets may be diluted, out of date, and possibly replaced with another formula. Many salons, stylists, and manufacturers take certain precautions to prevent diversion on their ends, which leaves some responsibility in the clients’ laps. In many instances, it doesn’t even result in saving money on the buyer’s end because of the markups from going through extra channels. One of the biggest reasons for a consumer to avoid diverted product is because it is hurting their devoted hairstylist.

Local hair stylists from Scott Talbot SalonSpa spend time, energy, and money keeping updated on the latest hairstyles and fashion trends as an investment in their future. They learn about the properties of each product and what will affect each kind of hair texture and style. They learn what can control frizzy hair, like Moroccanoil hair products, and which ones protect hair from heat damage, such as Thermafuse hair products. Anyone in Fairlawn or Green who takes their stylist’s advice and uses it to purchase diverted products is taking money out of the pocket of someone with whom they have a personal relationship. In an independent salon, an average of 50% of what someone pays their hairdresser for services goes to the stylist and the same to the salon, which goes to cover overhead and results in a profit margin of single digits. Local salons and hairstylists rely on the retail sales of professional styling products to help provide the supplies that can help their stylists properly perform the services on their customers’ hair. Individuals go through so much to find a hairstylist they love, and stylists go through so much to learn each client’s preferences, so why take money out of their pockets by purchasing the products they recommend somewhere else. Scott Talbot SalonSpa supports and provides many products for many different applications — including Redken, Pureology, Lanza, and Paul Mitchell hair products. Anyone can loyally promote their local hair salon and stylist by taking advantage of their advice and using the products supported by the salon.

Many people find themselves searching for a new local hair stylist and salon in Fairlawn, Ohio, and Green, Ohio, for a variety of reasons, from moving to a new city to retirement. Once they find a hairdresser they can trust, it may not take much time for them to learn each other’s preferences and build a loyal relationship. Stylists invest in their futures by taking classes that educate them on products and their effect on a vast array of hair textures and styles. They do this so that they can advise their clients on what professional styling products will control frizzy hair or protect hair from heat damage. Scott Talbot SalonSpa in Canton, Ohio, and Akron, Ohio, supports their stylists and the knowledge that they have acquired and would love for their clients to honor a similar ideology. They provide a variety of products that will cure many hair issues that arise, including Pureology, Redken, Moroccanoil, Paul Mitchell, and Lanza hair products. Anyone can support the close relationship they have with their hair stylist and the amenities and future of the salon that treats them well by avoiding diverted products and keeping the support where it should be — with the people with whom they have formed a bond.

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