Stow, Ohio, Trusts First Glass Window & Door to Lower Heating Bills with Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

by Fiona Vernon

Fall has officially arrived with its moderate temperatures and beautiful array of foliage. Homeowners have started thinking about their plans to prepare their from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, to Stow, Ohio, homes for winter, and First Glass Window & Door can provide affordable replacement windows and doors that help lower heating bills for years to come. This locally owned and operated window and door company not only offers quality window and door additions and new window and door installations, but they know that home improvements can be financially taxing, so they also have financing on window and door installation available to ease the impact on each client’s wallet. Whether someone in Hudson, Ohio, needs to increase their home’s security with basement egress windows or another in Tallmadge, Ohio, wants to reduce outside noise in their home, First Glass Window & Door (234.706.5094) offers all the benefits of insulated, energy-efficient windows and doors.

Individuals who are focused on preparing their home for winter, may go down a checklist to ensure that they are ready for the imminent cold weather and snow that occurs every year from Stow to Hudson. The first major post-war housing project in the area was started about 1949. Prices were right at $10,250, and many people flocked to Cuyahoga Falls because it was a great place to live. The surrounding areas followed suit, leaving those homes to now be about 70 years old. Wood was typically used for windows, doors, and frames at that time, which only last from five to 20 years because they are so easily damaged by moisture. Owners who need to take advantage of the benefits of affordable new insulated, energy efficient replacement windows and doors will love the superior customer service and excellent products when they call First Glass Window & Door. This locally owned and operated window and door company offers reasonable pricing, quality window and door installation, unparalleled quality as proven with its five-star ratings on all social media platforms, and an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. They are no fly by night company with 25 years’ experience in the industry and over one million dollars in general liability and workers’ comp coverage.

There are many benefits to calling First Glass Window & Door (234.706.5094) for new window and door additions, as well as basement egress windows. They can provide 100% financing on window and door installation for residents in and around Tallmadge who haven’t saved for a rainy day and know that it’s time for exterior home improvements. Modern windows and doors are more moisture resistant than old-fashioned wooden ones, so they won’t warp, rot, or rust. They don’t need painted or stained and can last anywhere from 30 to 40 years, possibly even longer. First Glass Window & Door can help homeowners lower their heating and cooling bills with insulated, energy-efficient windows and doors, since 25 to 30% of residential energy use comes from heat gain and loss through windows. Windows are now double and triple paned so that outside noise is drastically reduced in any home, in addition to increasing a home’s security with a wide selection of different locks, such as hand-operated locks leveraged from the inside and adjustable sashes that stay in place at any given spot along the rail.

Whether it’s a bay, bow, picture, or simply affordable replacement windows or doors that a homeowner in Hudson, Ohio, needs, calling First Glass Window & Door (234.706.5094) is the easiest part of the task. This locally owned and operated window and door company offers financing on their quality window and door installation in addition to their already low prices. Homeowners from Tallmadge, Ohio, to Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, who understand the benefits of new insulated windows and doors can prepare their homes for winter in addition to reducing outside noise in their home, lowering their heating bills, and increasing their home’s security — all with window and door additions and the installation of basement egress windows. People in Stow, Ohio, and beyond will see the 25 years’ experience with energy efficient windows and doors builds trust in First Glass Window & Door. People can fall back in love with their homes with one phone call today!

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