Stark County, Ohio, Trusts Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling When Their Furnace Won’t Stay On

by Fiona Vernon

People want to stay cozy as they hibernate through the heart of winter, so they do all they can to prepare their homes to keep them that way. No one wants to wake up on a snowy, subzero morning to their indoor temperatures matching the outside ones. The only thing good about this time of year for many Americans is the fact that they will be receiving significant tax refunds. One of the best ways to use that tax refund is to invest in home improvements, like repairing or replacing a failing furnace. Hey Neighbor Heating and Cooling not only provides affordable preventative furnace maintenance, repair, and 24-hour emergency services on nearly every brand in the industry, but they also excel at Trane furnace installation from Perry Heights, Ohio, to Uniontown, Ohio. This reputable heating company offers tips on how to troubleshoot furnace problems when it won’t stay on or they have a malfunctioning thermostat. Homeowners in Alliance, Ohio, and all Stark County, Ohio, can rely on Hey Neighbor when they want to keep their furnaces running smoothly. Call 330.875.9300 or visit them online to get on the schedule!

One of the best ways to use a tax refund is to schedule home improvements that allow a home to run as efficiently as possible. Keeping a furnace running smoothly will not only help homeowners from Uniontown to Alliance save money on utility bills, but it will also help improve their indoor air quality. Those who haven’t called Hey Neighbor Heating and Cooling for preventative furnace maintenance may find that they are having to troubleshoot problems that have arisen. One of the most dreaded signs that a furnace won’t stay on is waking up in the morning to a cold house. When the owner goes to investigate, they may find that their furnace is short cycling, which is when it turns on for a few minutes or seconds and then turns off before the target temperature is reached. One of the problems is if the pilot light won’t stay light, which could be an indication that the thermocouple has gone bad.

Another issue could be that the thermostat is malfunctioning or not calibrated correctly. It thinks it hit its target without actually doing so. You can test it by connecting a basic thermostat to see if the problem is corrected. Another common issue is that the condensation pan is full, which is easily cleaned, or the pump that removes the runoff is clogged or not working. If the furnace is running, but there is no air coming from the vents, then it’s the blower that isn’t working. One of the biggest concerns is air flow, so if the air filter hasn’t been changed in a while, other major issues may occur. Homeowners in Perry Heights and all Stark County trust Hey Neighbor Heating and Cooling for affordable 24-hour emergency services to keep their families comfortable when it’s time to call in the professionals. This reputable heating company also excels at Trane furnace installation when the problem is beyond repair.

It’s the perfect time of year to consider calling Hey Neighbor for affordable preventative furnace maintenance, repair, and Trane furnace installation, since home improvements are one of the best ways to use a tax refund. Whether someone in Alliance, Ohio, suspects that their thermostat is malfunctioning or another in Perry Heights, Ohio, has a furnace that just won’t stay on, this reputable heating company offers 24-hour emergency furnace services without charging weekend and overtime fees, knowing that things don’t quit only between the hours of nine and five. If troubleshooting a problem on any furnace in Uniontown, Ohio, or any other part of Stark County, Ohio, hasn’t resulted in a solution, it’s time to call in the professionals from Hey Neighbor, who built their stellar reputation in surrounding communities for over 30 years. Call today!

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