Akron Break Room Helps Barberton, Ohio, Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder With Healthy Stress Relief

by Fiona Vernon

Wintertime in Ohio can lead to seasonal depression in many people. It ranks in the top 10 of cloudiest states, getting an average of 38 inches of rain and 42 inches of snow every year. In states where there is less sunlight, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can affect 10-20% of the population. While people from Niles, Ohio, to New Philadelphia, Ohio, are used to and prepared for winter with sidewalk salt and shovels, that doesn’t mean that they won’t feel themselves slipping into the winter doldrums. Akron Break Room has the perfect solution for anyone from Barberton, Ohio, to Bath, Ohio, trying to combat seasonal affective disorder by providing a safe place to smash stuff. Whether someone is looking for affordable therapeutic activities, healthy stress relief, a venue for team-building exercises, or even just something fun to do with friends, this local rage room allows them to break things safely while beating cabin fever. Individuals, groups, or businesses looking for things to do this winter can call Akron Break Room at 330.388.3952 or visit their website to book a smash session.

Depression is nothing to play around with and fighting it can be hard when they see nothing but gray skies. For anyone from New Philadelphia to Barberton who is looking for affordable therapeutic activities, Akron Break Room is a healthy way to relieve the stress, anxiety, and irritability that is common when they are trying to combat seasonal affective disorder. This local rage room provides a space in which their clients can break things safely when they are trying to beat cabin fever. Our website allows people to book a time that works for them whether it’s after work, on their lunch break, or they just want something fun and unique to do with friends. They walk through the doors and feel the anticipation begin to grow. It escalates even more as they put on their safety gear, from a face mask to gloves and overalls. Now the fun part arrives where they choose their weapon and get to work.

Akron Break Room not only offers a unique activity when people from Niles to Bath are looking for things to do this winter, but they are also the perfect venue for team-building exercises. When owning or managing a company, it isn’t only important to know how to run it, one must also know how to manage a team of employees. Communication among them is important for efficient output or effective delivery of services and goods. When any of these aspects breaks down, productivity and profitability lags. To keep a team working together, they must feel like they work in a safe environment so that they can express themselves. This local rage room provides a safe place to smash stuff, which releases raw emotions that a group can share. It motivates employees, improves their relationships, and results in improved collaborative efforts. It’s a unique and fun thing to do this winter with friends, family, and coworkers.

From improving teamwork to combatting seasonal affective disorder, Akron Break Room provides a safe place to smash stuff for healthy stress relief. It’s a great venue for team-building exercises near Barberton, Ohio, while offering something fun to do with friends near Niles, Ohio. This local rage room helps people beat cabin fever as winter drags on and is an affordable therapeutic activity. Someone in Bath, Ohio, may want a place to break things safely and another in New Philadelphia, Ohio, may just be looking for something unique to do with their teenager this winter. Either way, Akron Break Room interrupts the monotony of the doldrums with an exciting adventure that will leave any participant breathless and satisfied.

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