Solon, Ohio, Can Find the Perfect Christmas Gift or Venue for a Holiday Party at Trapped! Escape Room

By Fiona Vernon

The holidays are fast approaching and, with them, the pressure of having the extra finances and time to get everything purchased and prepared. Christmas morning happens regardless of how well an individual is prepared, so it’s important to not only do what is possible with the time available but also to take time for oneself. Whether someone in Middleburg Heights, Ohio, wants to have the perfect Christmas gift under the tree or another in Lakewood, Ohio, is planning a personal or corporate holiday party, Trapped! Escape Room offers a variety of themed rooms that fit every personality. Why have the same old boring work party at the boss’ house when this local escape room combines team building exercises with affordable fun group activities. Not only does this indoor gaming facility have gift certificates that are perfect for someone who has everything, but they can also help relieve holiday anxiety for those who need a fun night out with family and friends. Everyone from Painesville, Ohio, to Solon, Ohio, looking for a venue for a Christmas party or affordable winter activities that are outside the norm instead of going to movie, Trapped! Escape Room is a fully interactive group gaming experience that allows for a unique bonding experience.

Planning a personal or corporate holiday party doesn’t have to be stressful when anyone from Lakewood to Painesville plans an event for a group gaming experience at Trapped! Escape Room. For a business thinking outside the box, this local escape room combines fun with team building exercises. In addition to the choice of the theme that is chosen, from saving the world from Zombies to robbing a bank without getting caught, this indoor gaming facility also offers a vast array of benefits when using it as a venue for a Christmas party — including the improvement of morale and leadership skills, improvement of team problem solving abilities, identification of barriers that thwart creativity, and identification of a team’s strengths and weaknesses. Coworkers and families alike find new ways to work together while being challenged and showing their true selves. There are a variety of packages from which to choose, which can include pizza, meals, or snacks from their catering menu with water, soda, and amenities for a party.

Not only is does Trapped! Escape Room provide an affordable fun group activity for businesses in Solon, but they also are the perfect alternative when individuals in Middleburg Heights are looking for something to do instead of feeding into the monotony of going to a movie or bowling. Anyone looking for affordable winter activities for a fun night out with family or friends to relieve their holiday anxiety will have plenty of choices when they go online to book one of the rooms at this indoor gaming facility. They must solve challenging puzzles and riddles when 60 minutes is put on the clock to change their fate of facing the electric chair if they can’t escape in The Cell. Some may be more apt to love the story line of The Enchanted Forest with its intermediate level of difficulty. After accidentally, wondering into a tiny cupboard that leads to a magical land, there are 60 minutes to prove one’s worthiness to the Tree of Travelers before the Destroyers do their job. These and 14 other choices at one of the four locations throughout Cleveland of Trapped! Escape Room can also be the perfect Christmas gift with some people being difficult to buy for. Giving the gift of entertainment is perfect for that special someone who seems to have everything they already need.

Whether a parent in Painesville, Ohio, thinks that a group gaming experience is the perfect Christmas gift for their adult children or another in Middleburg Heights, Ohio, wants to relieve their holiday anxiety by embarking on a fun night out with family and friends, Trapped! Escape Room offers affordable fun group activities! This indoor gaming facility is a unique venue for a Christmas party, since it can offer team building exercises for businesses planning a corporate holiday party. It’s also a fun way to bring a family or friends together for someone planning personal holiday party. It gets boring doing the same thing every year when it gets cold out, and this local escape room offers something to do instead of going to the same old movie theater or ice arena. Everyone from Lakewood, Ohio, to Solon, Ohio, looking for either a gift for someone who has everything, or an affordable winter activity will love the results when they join the ranks at Trapped! Escape Room.

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