Solon, Ohio, Can Call EcoTec Insulation & Construction for Protection from House Fires with Fireproof Insulation

By Fiona Vernon

Winter is the most common time of year in which house fires occur, with the increased use of propane heaters, candles, and fireplaces. While there are many actions that business and homeowners from Middleburg Heights, Ohio, to Avon Lake, Ohio, can take to help prevent house fires, unforeseen circumstances still occur on occasion. EcoTec Insulation and Construction installs commercial and residential AirKrete insulation, which is not only an insulation with a high R-value offering fireproof qualities, but is also a soundproof, pest and mold resistant, environmentally friendly, and non-allergenic insulation. This local insulation company can provide the many benefits of insulation in addition to their ability to fireproof any building — including improving a home’s air quality, increasing its resale value, and lowering heating bills. Everyone from Mentor, Ohio, to Solon, Ohio, concerned about their family’s safety can rely on EcoTec Insulation and Construction for protection from house fires.

House fires are a catastrophic event that take years from which individuals take to recover. More than 300,000 occur annually, causing many homeowners from Avon Lake to Mentor to consider how best to obtain protection for their home and family from the damaging effects of house fires. Common causes can be prevented with cautious actions, such as blowing out candles when leaving a room, never leaving a fireplace or cooking meal unattended, not overloading electrical circuits, cleaning the clothes dryer’s air ducts regularly, keeping space heaters away from flammable objects, like curtains and furniture, and always keeping a fire extinguisher available. While these steps help prevent house fires, electricity is constantly running through wires and normal wear and tear can lead to an electrical short that may spark.

The R-value is used in building and construction to measure the ability of an object to resist the conductive flow of heat. Insulation with a high R-value provides thermal insulating properties that create a barrier of protection against heat and flames. The protected walls, ceiling, and floors cannot burn, allowing extra time for those inside to safely escape. EcoTec Insulation and Construction can fireproof any commercial or residential building by installing AirKrete insulation, which is not only fireproof, but also a soundproof, mold and pest resistant, environmentally friendly, and non-allergenic insulation. AirKrete insulation’s valuable features help to increase a home’s resale value while lowering heating bills by keeping the hot and cold air where it’s supposed to be, allowing everyone from Solon to Middleburg Heights who calls this local insulation company to take advantage of the benefits of AirKrete Insulation. FDNY Firefighter Crowley had this to say:

“It wasn’t a miracle the fire never, spread, it was AirKrete!”

Whether a homeowner in Mentor, Ohio, is attempting to find ways to lower their heating bills as the outside temperatures decrease or a family man in Middleburg Heights, Ohio, wants the peace of mind that the ones he loves have protection from house fires, EcoTec Insulation and Construction installs commercial and residential environmentally friendly AirKrete Insulation. The benefits of calling this local insulation company for fireproof, non-allergenic, mold and pest resistant, and soundproof insulation with a high R-value not only increases a home’s resale value and improves its air quality, but it also helps prevent house fires from spreading. Everyone from Solon, Ohio, to Avon Lake, Ohio, can rely on the expertise of EcoTec Insulation and Construction to fireproof any building.

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