Simplify Your Building Removal Project with DeSantis Enterprises of Canton, Ohio

Building removal is made easy by the demolition and excavation contractors at DeSantis Enterprises. No job is too big or too small for this group. Add in their bobcat and backhoe services available to commercial and residential customers, and you have access to expertise befitting a specialized heavy equipment company. But this local resource specializes in doing all that’s needed to get a job done right, on time, and on budget. Based in Canton, Ohio and serving its neighbors in Stark County, Ohio and throughout Northeast Ohio, DeSantis Enterprises is a simple solution to a slew of tough jobs.

Of course demolition and excavation leads the list of things this company can do for you. Much like a heavy equipment company, DeSantis Enterprises has skilled dozer, excavator, bobcat and backhoe operators on staff. They also have the trucks required for timely transport. And that allows them to arrive at job sites across Northeast Ohio on time and ready to work!

Call on them for building removal, and they can do more than take unwanted, unused or blighted structures down. This versatile team can also put its bobcat and backhoe abilities into play and haul off the debris before leveling your property. Should there be damaged or otherwise problematic trees and like obstacles in the way – don’t worry! The comprehensive crew from Canton can rid your property in or near Stark County of these issues too.

If you’ve ever enlisted the help of a heavy equipment company that works differently than DeSantis, you’re probably thinking about the inconvenience and increased costs of partial assistance. That’s understandable since most companies may offer one of three services you need, causing you to have to piecemeal your project and pay more in the long run. But that doesn’t happen with DeSantis Enterprises. Known for doing it all, this company simplifies each customer’s situation by approaching each project with a goal of providing a streamlined solution.

Check out the services and equipment that make it possible online at You’ll see a fleet of trucks and machines ready to rival any competing heavy equipment company. To receive an estimate for building removal, bobcat and backhoe services, or a combination designed for your project, call the team at 330.454.5678. They’ll visit with you whether you’re in Stark County, Ohio or another area in Northeast Ohio. Once you tell what you need, they’ll tell you how they can get it done for less than you might expect.

DeSantis Enterprises
3060 Columbus Road NE
Canton, Ohio 44705