Savarino Brothers Garden Center Assists Independence, Ohio Natives with Winter Garden Prep

By Gemma Chriss

Savarino_LogoThough it may seem a bit premature to be thinking about winter prep, lawn and garden experts agree that the earlier one readies their shrub beds for the season, the better. Homeowners throughout Broadview Heights, Ohio and Aurora, Ohio should take this opportunity to perform some much-needed maintenance of their flower beds to ensure optimum growth next spring. Fortunately for those who aren’t quite as knowledgeable about the subject, Savarino Brothers Garden Center can offer some gardening tips that may come in handy over the coming months. Not only can the staff members at this local garden center near Independence, Ohio explain the usage of bulk mulch, pelletized lime, and top soil in regards to winter garden prep, but describe exactly what homeowners should be doing to increase their chances of growing lush, beautiful plants.

Savarino_GardeningThe first step in winter garden prep is to clean up all unwanted weeds and vegetation from the top soil of the beds. Removing any dead and/or diseased plant matter is extremely important because it reduces the risk of problems in the spring. By skipping this step, homeowners throughout the Aurora and Broadview Heights areas may find that their once beautiful yards have been ravaged by insects and bacteria. Since it can be difficult to rectify such issues, the staff members at Savarino Brothers Garden Center recommend avoiding it altogether.

Savarino_Cypress MulchAnother helpful gardening tip from the experts at Savarino Brothers is to aerate mulch beds before the ground begins to freeze. Using a small pitch fork, homeowners should “toss” the mulch so pieces laying on the bottom of the pile are brought to the top. This process allows the mulch to decompose properly so nutrients are better absorbed. It also helps to restore some color—something that homeowners will appreciate on winter days when slight thawing occurs. Prior to winter, Independence natives may want to consider visiting the garden center in person to see the bulk mulch that’s still available.

Savarino_LimeFinally, homeowners may want to add an application of pelletized lime to flower beds as well. This depends largely on what type of plant material is present in the beds as the pelletized lime works to keep pH levels in the proper range (around 6.5 to 7.5). Those who are unsure as to whether they should proceed with the lime application should consult the experts at Savarino Brothers first.

Those who want to learn more about the bulk mulch, top soil, pelletized lime, and other products available from Savarino Brothers Garden Center are encouraged to visit Residents throughout the Independence, Ohio; Broadview Heights, Ohio; and Aurora, Ohio areas can also give this local garden center a call at 440.439.5358 to ask additional questions about winter prep. However, those who prefer to get their gardening tips straight from the source should stop by Savarino Brothers Garden Center to speak to their staff in person.Savarino_Trucks

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