Rufener’s Hilltop Farm Helps Tallmadge, Ohio Locals Prepare for Canning Season!

Tomatoes and peppers and peaches, oh my! If you’re looking for fresh fruits and vegetables to use for canning, Rufener’s Hilltop Farm is the place to visit. Just a short drive away from both Tallmadge, Ohio and Akron, Ohio, this locally-owned farm in Suffield, Ohio offers a wide variety of items to choose from! If you’re starting to prepare for canning season and want to find quantity discounts on produce, now would be the time to follow the yellow brick road…or asphalt-paved highway, to Rufener’s Hilltop Farm!

So, what items at Rufener’s Hilltop Farm are ready to be taken to your Akron or Tallmadge home today? Well, if you hadn’t already guessed from the statement above, there are plenty of tomatoes, peppers, and peaches available at this Suffield establishment. When you make the quick trip to Rufener’s, you can pick up a bag of firm canning tomatoes, medium hot block peppers, juicy Pennsylvania peaches, and more! Rufener’s has a particularly large assortment of peppers, from hot banana to sweet—perfect for those who like a little variation. You can also get some crisp green beans, as well as Rufener’s specialty—sweet corn!

No, your eyes have not deceived you. Right now you can purchase some of the famous sweet corn from Rufener’s Hilltop Farm, and at a bargain no less! Rufener’s quantity discounts on produce include their sweet corn, and you can save when you buy five dozen or more! Worried that you won’t make it in time to pick up the fresh fruits and vegetables you need for canning? Just call ahead! Rufener’s will help you prepare for canning season by having your requested items bagged up for you! This local farm is definitely the place to go if you want quality and convenience.

Whether you’re relatively new to the canning process or you’ve been doing it for years, you know that the most important thing you need is quality ingredients. After all, it won’t matter how well you seal your mason jar if the fruits or veggies you put in it are too ripe! That’s why Rufener’s is offering quantity discounts on all kinds of produce! If you’re looking for fresh fruits and vegetables for canning, Rufener’s Hilltop Farm is one stop you need to make! Visit Rufener’s website at to find out more about their establishment and inventory. Or if you’re ready to prepare for canning season now, then take the short drive from your Akron, Ohio or Tallmadge, Ohio home to their location at 1022 State Rt. 43 in Suffield, Ohio. Just don’t forget to call ahead at 330.628.1082 to have your items put together for you!