Neubert Painting’s Charity Paint Giveaway Gives Cleveland, Ohio Area Buildings a New Look

It seems like everywhere you turn in Cleveland, Ohio, there is another business helping out the community in some way. It’s great to see so many caring companies showing support for their area. And what’s even better is that Neubert Painting is one of them! This painting service in Lakewood, Ohio has been involved in a great community service project for the past few years. Neubert’s Charity Paint Giveaway happens every year around the same time, and the locals always look forward to it. A way of offering assistance to those in need, Neubert’s contest gives homes and buildings around the Mayfield Heights, Ohio area a new look.

Neubert Painting has always made it its mission to help out those in the Cleveland area. Even before they developed their contest, the dedicated staff provided interior and exterior painting to lower-income schools and churches throughout the region. In 2008, they started the Charity Paint Giveaway in order to give local homes and buildings a new look. Every year since then, Neubert Painting has allowed citizens near Mayfield Heights and Lakewood to nominate an individual or organization in need. This community service project enables house and business owners to receive the quality paint job they require, but cannot afford.

From local homeowners to shelters, many have already been helped by Neubert Painting’s Charity Paint Giveaway. Neubert runs this contest every year, not just to give back to the community as a whole, but to brighten up the lives of individual members as well. This community service project provides much more than a simple coat of paint—it brings joy and hope to residents. Just by giving homes and buildings a new look, Neubert can help to restore a sense of pride to those who live or work in them. And seeing big smiles on the faces of the lucky winners? That’s how the staff members of Neubert Painting know they’ve done their job.

Anytime you see a local business like Neubert Painting helping out the Cleveland, Ohio area, you can feel confident that good deeds are still being performed. This Lakewood, Ohio company’s community service project goes above and beyond just to help those in need. If you’re interested to learn more about Neubert’s Charity Paint Giveaway, give them a call at 216.529.0360 or visit Once you’re on their website, you can check out photos to see how Neubert Painting has given homes and buildings near Mayfield Heights, Ohio a new look. And make sure to keep an eye out for information on this year’s winner!