Rootstown, Ohio, Can Get Ready for Fall Riding with SSR Off-Road Bikes & Lifan E-Bikes at East Central Motorsports

By Fiona Vernon

Fall is the perfect time to get back outdoors after a long summer of trying to stay cool in the air conditioning. There is almost nothing better for an outdoor enthusiast than getting out into nature to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful hues of the autumn leaves, and East Central Motorsports can help anyone in Rootstown, Ohio, and all Portage County, Ohio, get ready for fall riding with their affordable youth ATVs and UTVs. This local ATV dealer knows that going mudding is one of the most enjoyable fall outdoor activities, especially after all the recent rain, and the cleanup after going mudding doesn’t have to be daunting. For the not so adventurous, they also stock many additional options to get individuals out into nature, such as SSR off-road bikes and Lifan e-bikes that range from manual to motor-assisted pedaling and full automatic drive.  Not only do they have free layaway on off-road bikes, e-bikes, quads, and UTVs, but they also provide ATV parts and repair. Anyone from Alliance, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, can visit East Central Motorsports personally or online on to keep the entire family on the road and having fun.

Having more rainfall from Rootstown to Alliance in 2018 compared to previous years allows for a messy but extreme amount of fun on the trails. Not much says fun quite like a dirty ATV, and East Central Motorsports can help riders prepare their ATV for intense fall outdoor activities. Perhaps the kids are showing interest.  Get the entire family involved with the free layaway on this local ATV dealer’s already affordable youth ATVs, or quads, and UTVs for Christmas presents everyone will love. Getting ready for fall riding may involve ATV parts and repair, and East Central Motorsports goes above and beyond with their superior customer service repair knowledge. They have the right product for each job, whether someone needs to grease their electric connections, bearings, or pivot points. Cleanup after going mudding is important to keep quads and UTVs functioning safely and properly. Start by soaking the dried mud with a hose, so it loosens and can be sprayed off, then clean the hard-to-reach areas with a bucket of soap and water. Following that up with a quality rust inhibitor for the moving parts and large metal surfaces will keep it lubricated, as well as make it easier to clean after the next adventure.

East Central Motorsports offers their knowledge and experience to every skill level of rider to encourage people’s love of the outdoors not only with their selection of quads, but also with the other options that allow every individual to enjoy fall outdoor activities. Everyone from Akron to Portage County will find SSR off-road bikes in a variety of sizes that accommodate any age for those who prefer the agility and intensity of two wheels. They offer free layaway on their off-road bikes, as well as on e-bikes, which all offer manual and motor assisted pedaling in addition to full automatic drive. East Central Motorsports stocks a collection of Lifan e-bikes in sizes ranging from 16 to 26 inches, featuring electronic readouts with a 12.5 MPH maximum speed and a lithium battery that offers a maximum power of 240 watts. Each will go a distance of approximately 25 to 31 miles on a charge and have aluminum alloy frames for sturdiness and durability.

Everyone from Alliance, Ohio, to Portage County, Ohio, who wants to enjoy the beauty of the leaves with fall outdoor activities can visit East Central Motorsports personally or online to get ready for fall riding. This local ATV dealer not only provides free layaway on ATVs, UTVs, SSR off-road bikes, and Lifan e-bikes with manual and motor-assist pedaling, and full automatic drive, but they also offer superior customer service and ATV parts and repair. They have a wide variety of affordable youth ATVs and UTVs that are perfect for explorations even if they have to face cleanup after going mudding so that their quad stays safe and reliable. Everyone from Akron, Ohio, to Rootstown, Ohio, can rely on East Central Motorsports to entertain the whole family!

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